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As I sit here in the Las Vegas International Airport with my partner and colleague in America First Media Group, Bill Pierce, I have to ponder. What could have been?

We spent a week in Las Vegas to honor the shooting victims of the Las Vegas Shooting from October 1st, 2017. We’re on the ground investigating, and nine out of ten Las Vegas residents do not believe the narrative they are being shoveled by Sheriff Lombardo.

We spoke to Las Vegas Shooting survivors, including Kristy Hoff whom we interviewed almost a year ago after the shooting. Kristy was working the bar at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on October 1st, 2017 when hell began to rain down upon them. Kristy doesn’t believe that Stephen Paddock was the lone shooter, anymore than my team does.

Kristy is part of multiple survivor groups on Facebook. They’ve created groups to cope with the stress of that dreadful night, they also want answers and healing. Unfortunately they haven’t gotten that healing from leaders in the Las Vegas community.

Bill and I, along with Laura Loomer and others attended the Remembrance Wall Memorial at 6:30pm on Monday Night here in Las Vegas on the one year anniversary. Not one, NOT ONE Survivor was mentioned. It was nothing more than a political football being tossed back and forth.

The current two Gubernatorial candidates of Nevada Steve Sisolak and Adam Laxalt were in attendance along with Congressional and Senate members. The Mayor of Las Vegas, City Councilmen and Councilwomen were there also. Did they honor the victims? Did the mention the victims? No, they did not.

They spent an hour while several thousand stood thanking each other for their “hard work” on the Remembrance Wall. It was a sickening display. Not one mention of ANY survivors name took place. Not one story of heroism by First Responders, or those who drug people to safety. Not one story about people we were told that took off their shirts and used them as Tourniquets to save lives. Nada, it did not happen.

Instead they thanked businesses for donating equipment, flowers, and dished out high fives of how great they all were for creating this wall. I am truly sorry to all of those who lost a loved one, or to the 800+ who were shot that dreadful night who are still having surgeries and will never live normal lives.

As we left the memorial in disgust, we thought things would get better as the Las Vegas Strip was going to go dark at 10:01pm to honor the shooting victims. You heard that right, all of the Casino’s were going to go dark on their marquees, in remembrance of the fallen. That also didn’t happen. Only about 10% of the strip went dark, they couldn’t even get that right.

How did the casinos and politicians handle the one year anniversary of the worst mass shooting in United States history? They handled it with yet another miserable failure.

Our team continues to investigate. Where is the video footage of Paddock, why did he send money to all over the World to multiple people, Why was SWAT clearing the Employee Cafeteria at 5am PST when back on the east coast at 8am National Media was declaring Stephen Paddock the shooter. Why is no one looking into Brian Hodge? Where is Jesus Campos? Why was he pulled from Sean Hannity’s program only to show up on The Ellen show and have her do all of the talking days later? What did Jesus Campos see? Was he Licensed? Why is the MGM suing the victims?

As you can see, we are nowhere near done in Las Vegas, and we will continue to fight for the truth in our Investigations as long as we have your blessing and support America.

By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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