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Donna Brazile’s Attorneys sent out the same letter that they sent us one month ago. Threatening to sue us if we don’t take back what our source stated about who was at the Hospital the night that Seth Rich was murdered. You can see the attached letter below.


However this letter according to the date the article was written, we’d need a DeLorean from back to the future to make happen. We didn’t write an article in August of 2019. That hasn’t happened yet.

Furthermore, we never defamed Donna Brazile by stating she was at the Hospital the night that Seth Rich was brought in via ambulance. We questioned why was she there, and who told her about Seth’s shooting. We are sure there is a perfectly good answer for this information as we reported it over a month ago.

We’re willing to listen to any explanation that Ms. Brazile would like to tell us on why she and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser were there that night. And we’re sure there is a good explanation, we just want to hear it.

Ms. Brazile even doubled down and tried to claim she wasn’t in Washington, D.C. that night. Her Geotagging, Flight Records, Hotel, etc. Show that’s simple not true. She was even slated to be on CNN’s SOTU show in Washington, D.C. on Sunday Morning July 10th, 2016 to which she did not attend as advertised.

America First Media retracts nothing, and we have key witnesses that we have on record stating that Mrs. Brazile was at the hospital that night. We’d love to speak to Ms. Brazile in a professional environment for a one on one interview to clear some things up. If that’s a sit down interview or a court of law, so be it Donna.

By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

6 thoughts on “Donna Brazile’s Attorneys send letter to America First Media, blame article from the Future”
  1. Makes so much more sense today, knowing what we know, why they always are trolling the media stories and dictating and censoring stories!! Its because they know the FBI/CIA/NSA are so lazy, that that is what they call “Evidence” to spy and take away liberty of Americans. Apparently an article can get a FISA Warrant, or a Senate hearing in the DEMS world of police state!! Its very alarming how much damage has been done by these evil communist DEMS & RINO’s! Never take down something that you have valid sources to back up!

      1. It says both. The link to the article is 2018/08/19 but the subtitle does say 2019. It’s a typo .. obviously.

  2. Who was in his room? I’m sure they have all their bases covered with more lies and false documents. How many people that saw Seth get shot & at the hospital are dead now? Why was she there? Too many good people have been killed trying to do the right thing by exposing Deep State. Time to take them down. The storm is here!

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