Breaking News tonight from one of America First Media’s best Deep Researchers Larry Beech.

Christine Ford’s Parents Paula K Blasey and Ralph G Blasey were the Defendants in a foreclosure case in Maryland in 1996. Guess who the Judge was America? None other than Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, Martha G Kavanaugh. You literally cannot make this up.

The list of coincidences continues, we’re sure this is just another one of those instances. We’ll let you decide as we keep bringing you the truth America!

Here’s a screen shot of one of the Court Dockets below.



By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

53 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Christine Ford’s PARENTS Were Defendants in a 1996 Foreclosure Case, Guess Whose Mom Was The Judge?”
  1. OMG! Great job finding this info Larry, Matt and Team!!
    Now we need to get this plastered everywhere!

    1. Oh, gosh, no…When have you seen ANYTHING get attention if it doesn’t feed into the media’s ideology? NOTHING is getting out, no matter HOW much truth the Conservatives are finding about so much of this stuff. So sad…and so dangerous. That, Mrs. Clinton, is what’s REALLY happening to Democracy; it’s YOUR bunch.

  2. The plot thickens, so she hates the guy because she feels his family stole her home so she wants to get back at him, now we have a motive.

  3. This needs to come out. And quickly. And plus her brother works for Fusion GPS. That is why she came forward she has a ax to bring with Kavenaugh mother for ruling against her mom and dad. And her students said she is extremely vengeful when she feels she has been wronged

  4. How far are the radical left libs going to go? – they have been known to bomb -gun down people they have their hatred for. Timothy McVeigh was a far left thinker- bombed the Oklahoma federal building killing over 100. They stir up simple minded people to carry out atrocious acts of violence. Riots Mayhem- BLM calling for randomly selecting a white man and murdering him and his family. A school shooting is used to stir up people to protest and more. It can be a lot more if a simple minded sort wants to be a hero of the cause.
    This is a serious problem for law abiding citizens=the AFT and FBI keep a list of EVERYONE WHO HAS LEGALLY BOUGHT A FIREARM. The government’s data systems are hacked so easily—don’t you think that a radical could get a list of every american who bought a firearm? Easy as pie for a hacker.
    A tip—what we did- the AFT law says a gun or replica of a gun of Pre-1898 is a NON FIREARM. Like jose wales civil war era revolvers. You can buy them without any FBI approval –straight to your door—they are black powder- muzzle loading type- but dig this—we got what is called a
    “conversion cylinder for cap and ball naa”
    You replace the original cylinder with this conversion and then it will accept modern ammo. No screwing around with a can of black powder—works great! Google it- learn about it- we did – and we are not on a FBI “HAS GUNS” list—but still carry protection everywhere- the country has goon crazy. Good luck.

    don’t be stupid- or you’ll be raped and dead. Trump can’t make america safe.
    get a revolver and carry it everywhere

  5. Some of us are old enough to remember the Judge Bork treatment by Democrats – Created a new verb to Bork someone – The Democrat Presidents appointments have never been exposed to this kind of personal destruction? NOw which party is nasty and filled with false narratives to destroy those on the other side?

  6. Interesting that she didn’t bring this relationship up before. Some of her students implied she might be not quite all there… would be very far from the first time someone “recovered a memory” that was really, really convenient to their desires for sympathy/vindication, there used to be quite a thriving practice in such things, though it’s now considered disreputable.

  7. Typical progressive MO, make a charge and the defendant doesn’t have time to reply , ask Herman Cain , Tom Moore , Schooter Libby , Clarence Thomas etc . Put the man in the court this is a BS charge !

  8. Couple that with Mz Blasey-Ford is now a Psychology professor in pagan Palo Alto? No feminist, pro-abortion connection there. Her past students rate her 2.9 on her website – dark… troubled.

    Barbara Boxer pulled a similar last minute stunt on Bruce Herschensohn, in a tight Senatorial race.

  9. Mr. Beech, has anyone checked the therapist out? The one that had the written notes from 2012? This just seems like another deep state conspiracy.

  10. An anti-Trump activist who, with the assistance of her anti-Trump lawyer-activist, has WIPED CLEAN her social media output. She took a polygraph and we don’t know if the FBI agent that performed it might have been a good buddy with any of the numerous filthy cops at the FBI.
    And why did she wait so long to report such a heinous crime of putting a man’s hand over a woman’s mouth. I know many activist anti-Trump women who would do well with a whole fist in their mouths, rather than a gentle hand over their mouths.

    Now we know that this might be revenge exacted for Kavanaugh’s judge mother’s court having presided over the foreclosure of Ford’s mother’s home in 1996.

    This lefty loon woman and her Trump-hating “lawyah” are leftist tripe. I’d bet my life on it.

  11. I’m curious, she was at Pepperdine around the same time as the other Pepperdine sexual harassment accuser at Fox News. I forget her name but she also made a frivolous politically motivated accusation. See if their paths have crossed or are they friends?

  12. Thank you somehow this never made any sense! Settling scores in this primitive manner is so disgusting and so cheap. Why can’t people just have a heart of moving on. Your parents scores can’t be made yours.

  13. Unbelievable these ppl are revengeful or at least Ford’s daughter or who knows they are probably getting pay good money by the left HILLARY OBAMA SOROS THESE EVIL DEMOCRATS DO ANYTHING TO GET WHAT THEY WANT THESE ARE PPL WITHOUT MORALS NOR SCRUPLES

  14. “Be SURE your thins (thinly-veiled threats to harm) will find you OUT”! “The Revenge of the Addled Avengers”? Follow the MONEY trail, Larry, Matt! A Terrific Team for TRUTH!
    Also, goes to show the importance and value of “Smelly manure” (spread by the Lethal, Livid, and Loony Left Liberals) is! IF; You desire a bountiful harvest and beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers!

  15. Kavanaugh needs to file a lawsuit against her, Diane Feinsteine, (for malicious intent to deprive him of the Justice position, by specifically holding onto the letter, as close to an election as posible), and the DNC!

  16. Because if not for any good reason a personal vendetta . Democrats just wasting more of our tax money on bullshit !

  17. democrats are desperate bring up everyone in his family. They are his parents not him. If this is the case we then will have no one to become anything important in this country.

  18. UPDATE 21 Sep 2018 Unless things have changed since since Sep 17 2018.

    Please read the article from the Washington Examiner which says “A review of the filings shows that Judge Kavanaugh signed an order in 1997 dismissing the foreclosure after the Blaseys refinanced their home. The 10th docket reads, “ORDER OF COURT (KAVANAUGH, J./RICE, M.) THAT THE VOLUNTARY MOTION TO DISMISS IS HEREBY GRANTED WITH PREJUDICE AND THAT THE BOND FILED BY HARRY J. KELLY AS TRUSTEE SHALL BE RELEASED AND RETURNED FILED.”

    So “No, Brett Kavanaugh’s mother didn’t foreclose on his accuser’s parents’ house.” Yes, they were defendants, but “A review of the filings shows that Judge Kavanaugh signed an order in 1997 dismissing the foreclosure after the Blaseys refinanced their home. The 10th docket reads, “ORDER OF COURT (KAVANAUGH, J./RICE, M.) THAT THE VOLUNTARY MOTION TO DISMISS IS HEREBY GRANTED WITH PREJUDICE AND THAT THE BOND FILED BY HARRY J. KELLY AS TRUSTEE SHALL BE RELEASED AND RETURNED FILED.”

    The foreclosure was dismissed and the Fords are still living in the house. There would be no reason to settle the score or seek revenge.

    Keep researching. There’s rumors, and I stress rumors, that Blasey Ford worked for the CIA. I haven’t had time to look into it.

    I do know for sure that Christine has had published 8 studies by an abortion pill company where she worked. She appears to be an ardent radical feminist. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a big motivating factor.

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