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Arjen Kamphuis an employee and associate of Wikileaks has now been missing for three weeks. His personal belongings have now been found at sea. Kamphuis was on vacation in Norway on August 20th, 2018 when he went missing. He left his hotel in Bodoe, Norway, and didn’t return.

His belongings were found by a fisherman on September 11th, yesterday, in an area east of the town.

Police state that the Red Cross are now searching the area where the belongings were found with rescue vessels.

Norwegian Police had this to say: “Due to the ongoing investigation the police do not at this time wish to release any information about which specific items that have been found.” That sure sounds like about the same run around that Investigators in the United States get when we ask questions about specific murders.

Wikileaks on September 2nd tweeted to say that the 47 year old’s disappearance was “strange.”

Kamphuis described himself as a “Free software advocate” and “IT Security adviser” in his Twitter profile.

Police said “Kamphuis has still not been found and the case is open for different outcomes, but we haven’t found anything that indicates a crime has been committed.” Really? He’s been missing for over 20 days.. He worked for Wikileaks.. Coincidences do not exist in this line of work my fellow Patriots.

Kamphuis had purchased a plane ticket to fly to Trondheim on August 22nd. A Phone linked to him was switched on near Stavanger, a city 990 miles from Bodoe, on August 30th, but police have not been able to confirm if he was using it. A German sim card was inserted when the phone was on.

By Matt Couch

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