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Guest post by Tore Lindeman  @toresays

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

It has been over a year since I first vocalized my comparisons of the late Senator John McCain to Benedict Arnold. I faced a lot of heat via social media, bot attacks, and upset liberals, especially after the announcement of his brain cancer.

My message remains the same today–John McCain is the Benedict Arnold of this era but by no means is he the only one.

Within 24 hours of John McCain’s death, the left and #MSM was engaging in #SelectiveOutage, lashing out at those who had not offered express condolences or gushed heartache over his passing.

The President of the United States made a cordial, considerate statement but did not fawn over his death to the degree the selectively outraged left expected. They politicized his death and stood in awe when people dare make notion to equate his death with karmic retribution under a political scope.

Most profound is they excused their 24/7 tributes as he was a sitting Senator who passed and “that doesn’t happen often” … but it does happen.

On March 16, 2018, Louise Slaughter, the sitting Congresswoman representing the 25th District of NY, died. She was the first woman to ever chair the House Rules Committee and was a key player to the healthcare overhaul we saw with Obamacare.

A search will will show a small handful of articles about her. Slaughter ran once, no flags half mast, no crying politicians, yet she was a champion for the left. The NY Times honored her with an obituary.

Benedict Arnold is the most renowned traitor in modern history, yet his side hailed him an “American Patriot” as we see the media doing with John McCain. It’s 2018 not 1780 so the modes are different but the foundations are clearly the same.

On October 2, 1780, British intelligence officer Major John André was hanged as a spy in Tappan, New York. Captured on his return to New York Cityby American militiamen fighting in the War of Independence, Major André was found to have papers hidden in his boot concerning Continental army Brigadier General Benedict Arnold‘s negotiation for the surrender of West Point.

Like John McCain, Benedict Arnold served his country and was injured in combat. George Washington entrusted him with more responsibility for being a patriot but that is where it all went pear shaped.

Why did the United States demand to be free from British Rule? Couldn’t we just all get along? “A large empire ruling the people as one is better that giving so much power to the people” is what he had been saying to the British who urged him to forget all those years of public service.

This is how many Americans feel about John McCain. He is our modern day Benedict Arnold. Instead of the foreign enemy claiming he is a patriot, we have a country torn between the treasonous actions of the left advocating for the eradication of sovereignty to be part of the larger empire–globalization–shedding our identity as the only truly independent country.

Slowly and meticulously, over the span of many years, the globalists have been removing the freedoms our constitution was created to uphold. Privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of press … even acceptance of a duly elected President, deciding the electorate were wrong as they attempt to impeach a man chosen decisively by the people, even with examples of election fraud attempted to prevent his victory.

Our rights which make us a free country are being removed in the name of a greater good and peace, ultimately creating a one global government. If this wasn’t the plan, how come there is a banking system in place trading in global debt like the IMF?

As Benedict Arnold described to his newly found love in letters, his discussions with the British felt “eerie” and he was questioning if he made the right decision.

John McCain had also said:

“Our impromptu meeting felt charged with a strange intensity,” McCain wrote. “No one wise-cracked to lighten the mood. We spoke in lowered voices. The room was dimly lit, and the atmosphere was eerie.”

According to Business Week, The Republican senator was attending an annual security conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia after the election of President Donald J. Trump where he told a retired British diplomat who had approached him, he felt it was his duty to act. These are the same words Benedict Arnold used when caught in the act of treason by George Washington’s army.

With a media continually contradicting itself depending on the day’s narrative, it is important to understand what treason looks like to see the many similarities between John McCain and Benedict Arnold.

John McCain has:

  • -Claimed that Russian interference was unheard of yet, in 2008 both he and former President Barack Hussein Obama were HACKED by the Chinese where they stole vital documents.
  • -Claimed he first knew about the dossier after the election although it was reported on October 31, 2016. Documents indicate they actually had it in July 2016. So McCain first heard of it in November after the election and delivered it on December 9, 2016? It seems the story isn’t being told straight.

  • John McCain knew nothing about spying on the Trump campaign yet the Russian Lawyer, connected to the now known SET UP meeting at the Trump Tower took a picture of John McCain and had it on her own personal Facebook page…and attended high level government hearings and meetings?

Furthermore, extremely underreported is the fact John McCain referred to known TERRORISTS of ISIS as Freedom Fighters who he actively worked to aid and arm. Today, our President has all but eradicated ISIS. A related announcement from General James Mattis is expected soon.

Even in the face death, Benedict Arnold 2.0, John McCain, sought to ensure his ability to do what he was tasked to do and betray the trust which was vested in him. He purposefully did NOT resign when he was diagnosed.

IF he was truly a public servant and valued the vote of the people of Arizona, a diagnosis of brain cancer, an organ vital to making decisions–he would have resigned rather than ensuring his seat could not be on the ballot.

In turn, he nominated his wife, (second wife) to take over his position. This was done to ensure she would continue his actions of defying the wants of the people, resisting change and progress of our country with our modern day George Washington. Like President Donald J Trump, George Washington was a property mogul whose wealth was about 2% of the nation’s budget at the time, and like our President now, Washington refused a salary in order to be a PURE PUBLIC SERVANT.

This last “act” of treason will come down to one man facilitating it–the Governor of Arizona. Will he make the decision in the people’s interest or will he be “forced” to uphold the final wish of John McCain?

Barack Hussein Obama will be delivering the eulogy at McCain’s funeral. I can almost guarantee he will endorse McCain’s wife, placing more pressure on the governor who will be crucified by the MSM and radical left if he chooses to side with the interests of the people of Arizona and not succumb to this blatant struggle for power.

Selective Outrage? Or are the MSM and the left assuming the role of the British when Benedict Arnold died? In the United States, some had said “good riddance” while others threw parades at Arnold’s passing. President Washington honored his service, and that was all.

The bottom line, his death does NOT negate his treasonous actions against the people, nor will they will be forgotten. He was a father, a son, a brother, a husband and at one point, I honestly believe he was serving his country simply to serve. No one says, “when I grow up I want to betray the people who have vested trust in me”.

May God have mercy on his soul.

Tore Lindeman  @toresays


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