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The latest accusation of pedophilia in Hollywood was made by actor Isaac Kappy against actor Seth Green, best known for his roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Austin Powers films, via Twitter and followed up several days later on his Periscope. His tweet, aimed directly at Green, claims he was asked by Green to join the Hollywood illuminati, allegedly offering him $250,000 and any car he wanted in exchange for abusing children.


In the live Periscope, he accuses Green directly of being a pedophile. “Seth Green, sorry my man, f**king so sorry. I never wanted to do this but you’re a pedophile”. He continues, “James Gunn 10,000 tweets bro. You f**king kidding me?”


This following the exposure by citizen journalist Mike Cernovich of child rape tweets now claimed to be “jokes” about pedophilia by Hollywood actors, directors and comedians such as Gunn, director of Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy who has since been fired by the company, Michael Ian Smith and Patton Oswalt. Many in Hollywood have come to Gunn’s defense and even demanded Disney re-hire Gunn, claiming the jokes were all made in good fun and that people change. Even actors from the Guardians’ films such as Selma Blair and Dave Bautista have, instead of calling Gunn out for his pedophilia related tweets, have become apologists and gone so far as to blame Cernovich for the demise of Gunn simply for exposing the over 10,000 tweets Gunn deleted following the exposure.


Gunn has since deleted his entire Twitter account but Hollywood leftists continue to defend him.

Seth Green has not commented publicly on Kappy’s accusations.

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  1. These actors all of them in the entertainment business are disgusting swines. I no longer care for their music or movies. I threw out all my CDs and DVDs… Fuck them all! Devil worshippers. Pedogate and pedovores… Burn in hell all of you. Better repent.

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