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The Seth Rich Investigation Justice Part 1— America First Media Group

Friday May 18th, 2018

America First Media started its investigation into the unsolved murder of Seth Conrad Rich almost two years ago. One of the questions we had asked ourselves early in the effort was what happens when (not if) we solve this? It wasn’t a question we spent much time thinking about.

As it turns out, it wasn’t a question we should have taken lightly either. Most of us believed once the hard work was done, turning over our findings and receiving justice would be the easy part. We believed it would be a good problem to have after dealing with all other manners of roadblocks we had endured.

People are asking us, Did you solve the murder of Seth Rich?

Yes, we believe we have. A large part of it anyway.

What?? Where are all the breaking news stories? Why haven’t we seen this in the mainstream media? Good questions.

Did you solve the murder of Seth Rich?

Here is the problem we are now faced with—we have turned over substantial evidence including testimony from witnesses in the form of depositions to certain individuals in the Rayburn Building in DC. This is only the beginning of the case against the people we have identified as being both directly and indirectly involved in the murder of Seth Conrad Rich.

Since everyone is innocent until proven guilty, we cannot name these people nor can we make any substantial releases until our evidence is investigated and charges are laid.

People are asking us, Did you solve the murder of Seth Rich? Yes, we believe we have.


This article should have been the story of how we came to learn who these people are and how they were involved in the homicide. Instead, we are forced to give only enough details so you, our supporters, and the public who have been following the case can help us urge the authorities to take the action we are not able to ourselves.

We do not have the authority or ability to issue subpoenas, convene grand juries, or make arrests. We also do not have the ability on our own to force government agencies to act upon the information we have submitted. We need help from you as well, as other media outlets, to demand action be taken.

We are approaching the second anniversary of Seth’s unsolved murder and the interest in solving this case has not waned. The family wants answers, the public wants answers, and we have supplied the information which will finally answer one of the biggest questions— who pulled the trigger?

It is entirely possible our evidence is already being investigated but we have not been made us aware. It is also possible the information has been shelved or diverted due to some of the participants we have named being involved.

Taking the route of releasing the details we can without compromising further investigation, as well as protecting our witnesses and sources, was not our first choice, nor our second choice, of tactics. But without any formal acknowledgement justice is being pursued, we felt we had no other option at this time lest we risk having all of our work covered up or pushed aside, not to mention the general harm the passage of time has on any investigation in regard to witnesses, memories, physical evidence, and so on.

Last Piece First


Matt Couch of America First Media has said on numerous occasions this investigation was like working backwards from the answer. He was correct—nobody has ever believed the death of Seth Rich was a botched robbery—it has always been a matter of solving a homicide. What we did not anticipate was the twisted path the equation would take

getting to the answer.

To be clear, when I say anticipate, I am not talking about preconceived notions as to what happened—in fact, one of the bigger challenges in working on this case has been putting aside many of the accepted theories in the public arena and following only where the facts led.

The prominent theory for anyone who has been following this case goes something like this: Seth had been discovered to be the person who leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks so in retaliation, the DNC had somebody kill him.

There are an assortment of variations around this premise such as MS- 13 gang members were the hired guns, or the Russians were involved and Seth was their source for the leaks, but essentially, the consensus is the DNC were/are the driving force behind Seth’s murder.

The belief in some of these theories is so strong in fact, we have received push back and criticism for ruling out parts which did not fit with the facts.

What we can say is this case is not cut and dry as people want it to be. It is human nature to want resolution in the form of black and white, simple, straight forward answers—this case is anything but simple.

In order to process our findings, it is crucial to eliminate the party lines —this was not a case of Democrats and Republicans. There are players involved who have worked under both party administrations.

This segues into the next portion of our findings—the background of this case goes much further into the past than the 2016 primaries and Presidential Election.

To be clear, we are not saying Seth Rich’s involvement was part of this history—it’s not. We are saying there are factors and players involved historically which produced circumstances leading to the death of Seth Rich in 2016. The past will have to be brought into the light in order to understand what happened in the early morning hours of July 10, 2016.

It is best to think of the DC Swamp not as one collective group of political elite working in harmony to exploit and manipulate their way to a socialistic nirvana of wealth and happiness sans you.

The Swamp is every bit as competitive and capitalistic as…well, the U.S. once was—by no means is everyone there looking out for each other. Think vicious, back stabbing, black mailing, and spying on each other to gain an upper hand. Agencies and their heads working against other agencies and their heads, while implementing moles across each group and you will start to form a picture of what we are dealing with here.

Donna Brazile, former head of the DNC, gave a tremendous clue in one her many interviews revolving around the release of her book several months ago. Ms. Brazile had said she was in fear of her own life after the murder of Seth Rich. Many people wondered why she would be afraid if Seth was killed in a botched robbery.

Let’s take her statement a step further and ask why she would be afraid if it had been the DNC who had arranged for Seth’s murder as is commonly accepted?

Realizing the ramifications of her own comment, Ms. Brazile inserted a rather weak attempt at diverting her fear to Russian snipers, but in reality, the people she feared were much closer to home.

Another interesting clue—everyone knows the DNC server was never turned over to the FBI/DOJ—the examination was handled by a third party called Crowdstrike thus protecting whom? People will say the DNC, Hillary Clinton, etc., which is true, but who else was protected by not turning the servers over to the FBI/DOJ? Why did they allow this? Was there more than emails on a private server to be discovered?

July 9th and 10th, 2016


The DC Metropolitan Police saying nothing was taken from Seth Rich the night of the murder suggests someone with knowledge knew exactly what he was carrying with him at the time. None of the reporting suggests there could have been something unbeknownst removed before the police arrived on the scene. Granted, the timeline of events we are told does not leave much opportunity for the shooter to have taken anything, but the tone of this statement is a clue in itself.

It would have made more sense for the MPD to have said something to the effect of nothing we know of was taken seeing they were trying to sell the botched robbery theory, but it would also have planted a small psychological seed in people’s minds—a small possibility something was taken. We discovered why they could not let such a seed sprout. Something was taken.

The item was very specific. So specific in fact, it was exactly what the perpetrators were looking for, and more importantly, expected Seth to have with him at the time.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say the item taken was a usb drive with the emails from the DNC—the ones everyone already believes Seth took and turned over to Wikileaks—Did taking this hypothetical item stop the releases from Wikileaks? Would it make sense to not only take, but kill for, digital files for which there could already have been multiple back up copies made, stored, or shared?

In other words, could this item have contained evidence of something else in addition to the emails or whatever else was hypothetically on it? Could it have been similar evidence to what may have been discovered on the DNC servers had they been examined by the FBI/DOJ?

In upcoming articles I will address more of our findings from the past year and a half and how everything fits together. It is a complex tale and until we are able to get the cooperation of the authorities to work with our findings and start officially seeking justice for Seth Rich, I will be forced to write in such a way as not to jeopardize the safety of our witnesses nor to prematurely convict any suspects yet to be indicted.

Innocent until proven guilty.

We need your help to share this information. We need the House Intel Committee, or their referral to an appropriate agency, to commit to finishing this investigation and bringing #Justice4SethRich.

Use the below link to send a tagged Twitter message to Chairman Devin Nunes and The United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence HPSCI:

@RepDevinNunes You and the HPSCI have the information #AmericaFirstMedia gave you to …

By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

20 thoughts on “The Seth Rich Investigation by Hannibal Moot”
  1. Thank you for your persistence in solving this case. The corruption in politics will continue unless we are vigilant. I will keep you in prayer. JUSTICE FOR SETH RICH!

  2. Excellent article! Read like a murder mystery novel! Unfortunately this is more than a novel! It is a real life sad situation that should never of happened had it not for the corruption of our government! God Bless you, Matt and your entire team for finally getting much closer to justice for our beloved Seth Rich!

  3. We do need to know what happened to Seth Rich. It was hard to hear his family come out so strongly against any possibility other than tragic robbery. I pray everyday that soon the truth will be stronger than all the lies.

  4. This was one murder that has been weighing me down. This man’s life was taken because he did the right thing. If it wasn’t for Seth Rich we would be in the dark about many crimes and collusions that took place in the DNC. But more importantly Seth Rich died for all of those children within the pedogate/pizzagate underground organizations. I love this man for his bravery and ethical standing. His death needs to be solved, and his parents need peace knowing that those involved in their sons murder have been brought to Justice.

  5. We expect justice to be served! We demand to know who killed Seth Rich! And the person or persons be brought to justice!

  6. Looking from the outside in, the USA has some very serious problems with law inforcement, political corruption and out of control media org. It would appear too much money, power and greed have become the norm. US people need to step back and take a good look. There is really very little difference between the ruling classes of Russia, China, European Union, United Nations and the USA. How pleasing that someone is making a stand.

  7. Please do not let Serh Rich die for nothing! He deserves justice for his bravery and Patriotism! Thank you!

  8. Seth Rich murder along with 4 other DNC workers who were murdered within a 2 month period must be solved.

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