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America First Media Group’s Attorney Ty Clevenger has filed a Federal Lawsuit today against the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Per Attorney Ty Clevenger:

“This morning I filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that asks a federal judge in Brooklyn to order the FBI and Department of Justice to release records concerning the murder of former Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich.

Back in October, I wrote about the U.S. Department of Justice ordering the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C. to release records about the murder, but since that time not a single record has been produced. Around the same time, the FBI refused to search for records in it’s Washington, D.C. Field Office, even though that is where the records are most likely to be found. The lawsuit notes that the FBI has a history of trying to hide records from FOIA requestos and Congress.

I also asked the court to order the National Security Administration to release all of it’s communications with members of Congress regarding Seth Rich, Julian Assange, and Kim Dotcom, among others.

As you are probably aware, Mr. Rich’s parents filed a suit this week against Fox News, producer Malia Zimmerman, and frequent guest Ed Butowsky. I think that was a serious tactical error. All of the defendants now have the legal right to subpoena documents and witnesses, and you can be sure they will use that power aggressively.”

You can read more on the Suit HERE



By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

8 thoughts on “America First Media’s Attorney Ty Clevenger files Federal Lawsuit against FBI and DOJ seeking records on Seth Rich case”
  1. Hi Matt, Congratulations, this is excellent news. I’ve read the lawsuit and was pleasantly surprised Ty included all NSA records relative to the Awan Family. I consider that a super bonus!

  2. This was another murder in the long list of the serial killer Killary going back many years—in an ideal world, each one of those victims deserve justice. We can only pray that it happens.

  3. This is excellent news. If we allow seth rich murder case. to be forgotten swept under the rug, then we are no better than the lowlives who committed this heinous crime. Justice must be served, and we expect some answers.you are doing an excellent job. Its time for answers.

  4. It’s only a matter of time before the DemonRats are exposed for murders and cover ups! It’s sad that DemonRat parents are trying to protect the people who was behind his murders!

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