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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

21 thoughts on “Joe Rogan drops Truth Bombs in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation (VIDEO)”
  1. I have believed it for 30 years. And, she wants to run again. She is the brains and the power mad executioner in that FU’d twosome.

  2. Wake up, goyim. You’re nothing but cattle and useless eaters to the elite. Rise up. Take back this world.

  3. Democrats need to get their own house in order. Jimmy Dore needs to get his own house in order with TYT. Before anyone starts pointing fingers or flaws elsewhere, they better be starting and ground zero. Else they’re just a hypocrite, possibly even controlled opposition, or just so blind about what’s in front of them, why listen to anything they have to say?

  4. Omg this was awesome! Telling The Truth! We all know this damn #COCKROACHHILLARYCLINTON had him killed! Someone needs to slip this evil women the Truth Serum! For real and make sure the whole entire media is there when the truth comes out!

  5. Problem is, like everything the Left is about…they think they can say and do whatever they like and just ignore it and it goes away. And that actually works. Ultimately there is no justice in this country. When these people regain power we’re all screwed.

  6. Only swear words i hear is… They Murdered Seth Rich.
    Listening to this is like it all just bursts out of u man. Stops folks in their tracks & makes em listen, real & raw.
    Thankyou Joe Rogan.

  7. UPDATE: Arkansas State Senator Linda Colins-Smith murdered while investigating child sex trafficking and profits laundered for the Clinton foundation’s benefit.

  8. A minor correction
    The supposed Assange sexual assault thing was a COMPLETE SET UP
    The woman who made that charge… AFTER the incident was supposed to have happened
    WILLING went to his home and spent the weekend with Assange

    As somebody with personal experience with sexual assault
    YOU DO NOT go visit your assaulter for the weekend

  9. I don’t hardly ever watch Rogan, but THIS was his unrehearsed true feelings. The man has balls I’ll say that. He also has lots of ‘F’ YOU money and an audience that rivals ANY prime-time program on TV. The left cannot hurt him too much.

  10. It doesn’t surprise or even shock me that much about Seth Rich. The reason for that is most of you out there don’t know that it’s the still easiest way to solve your ‘personal’ problems with someone, as it has been all throughout history. What better way to shut someone up literally, forever, and never worrying about having to ‘deal’ with them ever again? No lengthy court trials or investigations afterward, and if you have enough power elite ‘clout’, you can even prevent and restrict police pressure to an extent that they have to be polite, instead of beating the shit out of to ‘talk’ or ‘fixing’ the evidence and their ‘interrogataion’ results to their advantage so you are ‘compelled’ to admit and take a plea for less time. And in many ways it’s easier to get away with today if you know what you’re doing. In a world of instant information dissemination and analysis, even if you’re not an ‘experienced’ killer of humans, you can learn rather quickly. Some become experts on it by watching the TV cop and trial shows and developing a keen understanding of the importance of witnesses, evidence, and simply and thoroughly keeping your mouth shut about it forever. Many who even get charged do so because of little slip ups usually found on their phones or computers like ‘searching poisons’ and the victim happened to be poisoned. Experienced professional killers don’t make those kinds of mistakes.
    The ‘Clinton Chronicles’ (actually an early title of a VCS sold of their earlier days in the political ‘Gladiator Games’ that pointed out numerous suspicious murders and deaths way, way beyond the generous parameters of random chance) of their political adventures were replete with examples of politically manifested potential association murders, Most, From Vince Foster to Seth
    Rich are still basically Unsolved Cold Cases, Suicides not withstanding. Which most people would be surprised at how many murders can be easily made to ‘look’ like a suicide. eg: ask any homicide dick if they think Epstein hanged himself over a non capital crime that had no prima-fascie evidence that he could make any bail on with one phone call as soon as his next court appearance when his expensive attack lawyers read the judge the Due Process Riot Act?
    The scary truth is that about 40 percent (again, a low estimate due to the unfortunate variations of investigative crime reporting delineating Murder from suicide, and ‘other froms of ‘homicides’) of the Murderes committed go Scott–or rather Seth free! About 30-40% are never solved. Think about that. There’s a good likelihood that if you are a social person, you likely know, met or at least passed someone at one time or another on the street or in a building who was a cold blooded murderer.
    I’m actually surprised I don’t see more murders like Seth Rich committed even more often. But wait a minute…I forgot briefly…about missing persons That’s an even better way to murder someone. Absolutely NO potential evidence? The Mob preferred that a lot. And lets face it, All those thousands of persons who go missing every year in the Mountain wilderness of all our National parks don’t simply get eaten by Wolves, Mountain lions, or bears.

  11. It was by ms13 gang members sent by rosenstein they were only supposed to take thumb drive but he fought back it was info from server that Julian assange ask for

  12. This Guy is so right, what the hell us going on that this case is not on the top of the news this case needs a thorough investigation by Bill Barr

  13. So what is new with this. Hillary and Bill are notorious for killing their political enemies. The justice department will not do anything with this due to the democrat deep state lawyers still there. Two levels of justice in this country and NO ONE will change that…

  14. You bet your sweet ass the criminal left is way, way out of control. I hope ya’ll are packing heat. They want to Seth Rich you.

  15. Herpes Hillary is truly an agent of Satan. A lifetime of self enrichment, corruption & evil deeds.

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