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Good Morning Fellow Patriots..

Welcome to The Couch Daily, I’ll write about my thoughts and opinions of things happening to, and in America. I hope you enjoy it, I plan on this being a daily occurrence here on the America First Media Group website. What a Year it has truly been for The United States of America. Now our brain washed liberal friends won’t agree with us, but that’s why we use those pesky things called statistics and facts. They are literally our Kryptonite to Liberal Stupidity in America.

The Tax Reform Bill is the first real Tax Relief for The American People since Ronald Reagan and 1986. Not only is this a victory for America, it’s a victory for those who actually work for a living in this Country. The Democrats are angry, angry because the GOP can finally give a positive win to it’s constituents for the first time in decades. How will the Democrats fare now in 2018 elections when those on their side in the Middle Class realize they wanted to raise taxes, and hurt them? I always say The Truth Hurts, and in this instance, it truly does for the 2018 Mid Term Cycle.

Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, something that should have been done long ago, was a brilliant move by President Trump. The Ridiculous Accord would have cost the United States 2 Trillion Dollars per year, and as always the United States was fronting 60% of the Bill. The United States Government has been in the Friend Zone around the World for decades. We take all of the Hot Chicks out to dinner, and get a hand shake, and a kiss on the cheek. Under President Trump. this strategy is over. The third date rule is now in full effect America!

Was that third date rule a little harsh? Maybe, but I bet 85% of my female followers are chuckling right now and doing this.


Justice Neal Gorsuch confirmed to The Supreme Court, and Trump has also put 12 circuit court judges on the bench, as The Washington Post notes, “the most during a president’s first year in office in more than 100 years.”  Yes, I’m sure you didn’t hear that on Fox News or CNN right? They only tell you what they want you to hear America. President Trump is kicking ass and taking names.

Trump kept his promise to The American People, a Christian society even though Liberals have tried like hell to stop that. Yes, President Trump is moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. Liberals are angry, as are the 90% of the World that hates the Jewish People. Guess what? President Trump isn’t the cowering toe tipper known as Barack Hussein Obama. He won’t be bullied. Neither will the bad ass female running the United Nations known as Nikki Haley. When Nikki Haley takes charge, and I mean folks she takes charge, it’s Awesome! Myself and other MAGA Men look at Nikki Haley like this when she speaks.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the debut edition of The Couch Daily. These are my personal thoughts on the State of America, our Investigations, etc. I know I know, A Seth Rich Update 🙂 I never hear that from anyone. I’ll give you a tidbit. We HAVE to get back to Washington D.C. we have over a dozen names and persons of interest, and we’re closing in on shot callers in this Investigation. We’re 100% reliant on YOU the American People. We’re 100% Crowd Funded. It’s amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish thanks to the handful of you that have support our Team with donations.

I was talking to my Team, and literally about .00001% have donated to our efforts. If 1% donated $5 per month or $10 or $25, we would never have to ask for funding again. Right now we’re about 60% self funded, and we sure could use a hand folks. If you’ve donated, and those of you that have no who you are, we are eternally grateful. If you haven’t, I’m posting the links here.





By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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