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Another Holiday Without A Son..


As I write this, and I think about being a Father, I can’t imagine losing a child. I also can’t imagine knowing that your son was the victim of a political hit, and you are being threatened, and backed into a corner. I have a beautiful wife, three beautiful daughters, and America First Media is what I do, not who I am. I’m a Father, I’m a Son, I’m a Christian, I’m a Cousin, I’m a brother to many friends. The thought of something happening to one of these people like it did Seth Rich, infuriates me.

I would like to sit here and tell you I would rest at nothing to make sure there was justice in my friend or relatives murder. However I haven’t been threatened with the life of one of my kids, or my spouse, etc. Politics in America as Julian Assange has stated many times is a dirty game. They will do and stop at nothing to remain in power.

I’ve seen many things in my life that I thought I’d never see again. Like my Grandfather stricken with Cancer in his brain, and not being able to talk, just mumbling. Then hours before his Death, Calling out “Matthew, Zachary, Grant, come in here”. My Grandfather was a WWII hero, and one of the greatest Men I’ve ever known. That my friends was one of the few miracles I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. He told us “Don’t worry about me, I know and I’ve seen where I’m going”. He put three Young Teenagers at ease, who were worried and scared to death of losing the best Grandfather they would ever know or have.

So when I tell you about what we’re dealing with in Investigating the murder of Seth Rich, I thought nothing out of the normal here, we’ll be able to solve this, we’re experienced, we’re patriots, we’re talented. All of that may be true, but nothing in this Investigation my friends is as it seems.

There is zero video from anywhere on July 9th or 10th in the most guarded City in the World, Washington D.C. If that doesn’t seem strange enough, The Girlfriend Kelsey Mulka lied about her relationship status with Seth Rich. After talking to several sources (including Family) we know they’d been broken up for at least three weeks prior to the murder.

Then you take into effect the roommate Dov Friedman, who just happened to interject himself as a roommate of Seth Rich right as the leaks were happening. Dov was a Political Operative, working as a Turkish Lobbyist in Turkey prior to this for Middle East Petroleum Ltd. Three weeks after Seth Rich was murdered, Dov Friedman accepted a full time position with Hillary Clinton for President. You just can’t make this stuff up America.

The GM of Lou’s City Bar, Joe Capone was on a September 2016 Crime Watch TV Show and stated he was there at the bar that night, and offered Seth Rich a cab. He also stated Seth was more than welcome to stick around and get a ride home. He stated Seth said “No Thanks, I’m going somewhere else”. Months later Joe Capone changed his story and stated he wasn’t even at the bar that night, and was on Vacation with his family.

Let’s do some Bulletin Facts on this case of what we know, shall we?

  • No Video exists from Irving Street in Washington D.C. a Massively populated area of Bars, Retail Stores, Banks, etc?
  • The Video from the Flagler Market that Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police took they now can’t find, or deny it ever existed.
  • Washington D.C. Metropolitan Homicide Detective Joey Dellacamera has stated multiple times they’ve exhausted all leads.
  • The Girlfriend lied about their relationship
  • The Family lied about his relationship with Kelsey Mulka
  • The Friends lied about his relationship with Kelsey Mulka
  • The Roommates lied, and one even tried to paint “he was probably walking home from his Girlfriends house that night” in the Washington Post.
  • Dov Friedman lied saying he didn’t know Seth Rich worked for the DNC, yet he took a job with Hillary Clinton for President less than three weeks after the murder?
  • Joel Rich told one of our sources “I know what my two boys did”
  • Money went into Aaron Rich’s personal bank account from Wikileaks, per Ed Butowsky on our program in September.
  • No Ballistics report released by Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police
  • No Caliber of Weapon released by Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police
  • No Medical Examiners Remarks have ever been released.
  • Our own Bill Pierce Spoke to the Medical Examiner that did the Post Morton on Seth Rich, all we got was this email.
  • We broke the Doctor that operated on Seth Rich was Dr. Christine Trankiem, a Trauma Surgeon, she pronounced him at 05:57AM on July 10th
  • Ambulance #17 from Engine 6 was the first EMS on the scene from DCFEMS
  • Ambulance #17 arrived at 4:33AM and had Seth Rich to MedStar Hospital by 4:48AM
  • According to Joel Rich & Aaron Rich, First Responders told them Seth Rich was very talkative and they were surprised that he didn’t make it.
  • According to Joel Rich, Seth Rich received several calls and made several after Lou’s City Bar closed.
  • According to Joel Rich, Seth Rich was on the phone with Kelsey Mulka from 2:05 to 3:39 AM, then the call dropped, Seth would call back a few minutes later.
  • Seth would call back, and that call would last another 43 Minutes. If you believe that?
  • The Phone Records of Seth Rich have never been released
  • The Laptop of Seth Rich is in the possession of Aaron Rich and won’t be released
  • The Phones (2) of Seth Rich the family will not let anyone examine.
  • When Josh Flippo and I visited the Beth El Synagogue in Omaha, NE we were greeted by three Women wielding Scissors and telling us to leave. We were literally 200 feet from the front door, you can see this on Periscope.
  • Lou’s City Bar says Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police never asked for video of the night Seth Rich was there on July 9th, 2016.
  • We spoke with other Establishments up and down Irving Street, they all said the same thing. Police NEVER asked for the Video Footage.
  • Our sources tell us that Mayor Muriel Bowser told Kurt Alder head of the ISB ( Investigations Services Bureau) for Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police to stand down on the Seth Rich Investigation
  • Mayor Bowsers orders we are told by sources came from high ranking officials within the DNC.
  • When Private Investigator Rod Wheeler went to Detective Joey DellaCamera in regards to his findings and Wikileaks, DellaCamera called DNC Head Donna Brazile.
  • To Date, Not one Friend or Roommate of Seth Rich has ever spoke on record about his murder.

I can go on and on with facts America, but I’m going to stop. The purpose of this article today is to let everyone know, despite all of these things I’ve talked about, there is a family without a son. There’s a family without a brother, cousin, nephew again during the Holidays and Christmas season. I could not imagine going through my second Christmas with all of these unanswered questions and cover ups. America First Media Group and our Investigators will pray for the Rich Family during this Holiday Season. We encourage all of you to do the same. May God lead us into the light to solve this case not only for the Rich family, but for our Republic and Democracy as it stands.


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Good investigation… but the reason you can’t crack the case is he didn’t die (which fits every one of your bullet points).
It was a “message” to those leaking in the DNC and the Foundation (same thing), and Podesta even covers it in the emails… the reason you can’t find any evidence is simple… aint any!


Kurt Alder or Robert Alder as the head of the ISB?


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