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Linda Sarsour, the Al Sharpton of the Muslim movement.  Sarsour has come into prominence through a series of coincidental events.  She is our Muslim Trojan horse, the vehicle being, the Feminist Movement.

What an unlikely pairing, Islam and Feminism.  Any person with a walking knowledge of Islam knows that Islam is quite the polar opposite of the ideology feminism espouses.  We have been sold a bill of goods as to burka and head coverings, etc being a symbolic religious aspect of Islam, such as a rosary to Catholicism or the cross to Christians, or a Yarmulkes to the Jewish community, when in reality the burka/hijab/etc is an oppressive tactic many times legally required in countries such as Saudi Arabia, to repress and control women.  It is hand in hand and quite frankly a symbol of law limiting women’s freedoms.  Many other fringe benefits applied to women of these societies (*sarcasm*) are: genital mutilation, child brides, no driving, no free movement unaccompanied in public, passport revocation, etc.  The burka/hijab is based on the concept of necessity, as otherwise a man can not control himself sexually.

Beach Volleyball - Women's Preliminary

Linda Sarsour became the Executive Director for Arab American Association of New York “AAANY” (a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt organization), when as the driver of a car, she was involved in a crash that left her predecessor dead.  She has no college education and her family is linked to jailed terrorists in Israel.  She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by a Palestinian family and entered into an arranged marriage at 17 years old to a Palestinian born Muslim who is a deli cashier.  By 24 she had 3 children.  She has also been involved in organizing the Ferguson riots and equivocated her hijab to Treyvon Martin’s hoodie.  Here is a cute tweet from Linda to Brigitte Gabriel & Ayaan Hirsi Ali wishing she could invoke genital mutilation on the both of them, unfortunately for Ayaan, you only have 1 shot at this, and she had already been mutilated.


The Ferguson riots were exhorbitantly funded by Soros, no doubt to provoke civil unrest and violence (Soros Tax Reduction appx $13MILLION).  Linda received little notoriety at this point in time, but has now


become in alliance with BLM, Cornel West, Carl Dix (70’s Revolutionaries) and George Soros.  Her notoriety hit it’s peak in 2016 as she was named Co-Chair of the Women’s March to protest Trump with a lead partner of this event being CAIR.  A 2009 FBI statement said the bureau “does not view CAIR as an appropriate liaison partner because of it’s ties to HAMAS jihadi group.”  Hamas is a militant fundamentalist Islamic organization operating in the West Bank and Gaza.  The goal of Hamas is an Islamic fundamentalist Palestinian state. Its manifesto advocates the destruction of the state of Israel, and calls for the raising of “the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine.”  Many countries such as the US has HAMAS listed as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization”.  In 2013, CAIR named Linda Sarsour as it’s “American Muslim of the Year” and has shown support and assistance to Sarsour throughout the years.

In 2016, AAANY lead by Sarsour, was selected as 1 of 14 recipients by the Mayor’s Fund (including Mayor de Blasio) to receive funding from The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt organization.  The Mayor’s Fund provides funding and assistance of city agencies to those selected.  Basically, taxpayers are funding AAANY.

Now for the Soros connect.  In 3 years alone, (Tax Exempt entities are required to provide their 990 tax returns for public viewing, but many times STRIP out information they prefer NOT to disclose to the public, thus these are the years where the information was disclosed) Soros via his privately held Foundation to Promote Open Society contributed over $1.7MILLION to the Mayor’s Fund.  Please remember here, this donation is tax deductible to Soros and thus reduces his tax bill by almost $1MILLION.  This is an amount that is subsidized by those of us who do pay taxes as we are currently operating in the red as a nation, ie deficit.  See my prior article for the $7BILLION Soros tax write off via similar methodology.



As a Taxpayer, ask yourself, is this money well spent?  Are these organizations truly what you are expecting charities to be?  As you can see, even if you do NOT donate, YOU DO SUBSIDIZE these donations as they will reduce the tax base and money does not grow on trees.   Sarsour is deeply linked to CAIR which has HAMAS ties per the FBI, do you want to fund HAMAS initiatives and allot government resources to these causes?  Soros, has bankrupted entire countries and place individuals into poverty, gleaning $Billions off the local Taxpayer, do you think he should receive $BILLIONS in tax subsidies from the American Citizens?  Both these individuals entertain and speak on our college campuses, is this who we want guiding our youth?

As Giving Tuesday quickly approaches, please use some very simple guidelines for your donations:

  1. Know your Charity
  2. Give Locally
  3. Donate Goods & Volunteer






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