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Attorney General Jeff Sessions weathered the storm today on Capital Hill, as House Democrats insulted him, called him a liar, and displayed antics of how they lost an election they had a 98% chance to win. When Jeff Sessions was asked if he was recused from appointing a Special Counsel to Investigate The Clinton’s and Uranium One, he said “No, I don’t believe I am”. This of course sent liberals into a fury on social media.

It’s amazing how the radical left has more of a problem with Jeff Sessions, yet he didn’t rig a primary and screw their candidate Bernie Sanders. That title goes to the one and only Hillary Clinton. There is enough Evidence to indict the Black Widow on multiple charges from treason to espionage. Yet, House Republicans, the DOJ, and even a few Democrats don’t have the fortitude or courage to do so.

Now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has stated he can appoint a special counsel, what’s the next step? Sessions stated on Capital Hill this afternoon that he was going to hire outside Special Prosecutors to look into the dealings, and if they deemed them inappropriate he would then take the appropriate steps to appoint a special counsel.

Conservative’s across the board were outraged, and rightfully so. There is actually factual evidence of Clinton working with the Russians, rigging primaries against her rival Bernie Sanders, the murder of Seth Rich, and the untimely death of Shawn Lucas. There is far more evidence to open a Special Counsel against the Black Widow than there is against President Trump for Russian Collusion.

Stay tuned to America First Media Group for the latest updates on our Seth Rich Investigation.

By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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