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As we all know Sunday October 1st, 2017 will live in US infamy as the worst mass shooting in the United States.  As we all piece together the details to come to the true truth, I will be providing financial tidbits that add to the flavor and begin to pronounce a true motive for these senseless deaths.  Please, contribute, discuss, reach out, counter, all voices are welcome to refine this project as the result we are aiming for is the truth.

On October 2nd, the day following the shooting I broke the story that Soros Fund Management LLC held a strong short position of $42million (puts).  This short would result in a gain to the investor only if the stock value declined. The purchase of this position was fairly recent (between 4/1/17 and 6/30/17 or during Q2 2017). Evidence of this can be found by comparing Q1 & Q2 13F SEC filings. These filings are public in nature and can be found via EDGAR search on SEC.gov website.  So here we have an instance of hiding in plain sight.  MGM had a strong market presence and was expected to increase in value, not decrease.  The juxtaposition, the only other substantial holding the fund held in the Casino business was Caesars.  The Caesar’s position was $144million investment (long) at 6/30/17 an increase of approximately $28million during Q2 2017 (4/1/17-6/30/17).  It should be noted, that Caesars is one of MGM’s largest competitor in the Las Vegas market.  Thus to conclude, he profited on MGM’s decline.  More to come on this Note……



The Soros Fund Management LLC invests appx. $5.6Billion.  So you may say, $42Million not big potatoes for this guy.  But if you study Soros behavior and involvement you will see how he leaves small clues and funds many of his causes through high quantity relatively low value investments compared to his overall net worth.  Thus, I do not disregard due to small amount relative to overall holdings.  In addition to Soros Fund Management, it should be noted, he also manages Quantum, a fund which he bought out and took private in 2011 valued at appx $25Billion at that time.  As this fund is now entirely public it is not subject to any SEC public filing disclosures.  Soros had indicated that the motivation for taking the fund private was due to the new financial regulations requiring hedge funds to register and provide SEC public disclosures for which any person would have access. During Q3 2017 Soros has transferred appx. $18Billion from his investment funds to his private foundation.

Next, let’s look at significant changes in ownership and insider moves shortly before 10/1/17.  First we will filter past post Q2 close management incentives and noise.  As performance bonuses follow shortly after the close of Q2, you will see much noise in executive compensation activity, in the form of awards, grants and redemptions.  This is a no-see here, business as usual.  So let’s focus on the SALES/Dispositions.


You will find a bulk of sales occurring between 7/31/17 and 9/13/17.  You will not find Sales post 9/13/17 and before 10/1.  Historically you will not find this bulk Sale behavior mirrored in prior years and Sales not a prevalent behavior in 2017 as stock was marked for appreciation.

There are 2 major players that stick out in this period.

  1. James Murren CEO:          $  13.8Million in Sales
  2. Dubai:                                   $176.9Million in Sales


3As you review the information as provided from MGM disclosures on Edgar, you may find Dubai transaction obscured, maybe a little difficult to find………probably because it was disclosed under their representative’s name: Grounds William Warwick.  Whaoincidence much?  A little extra digging will find a form 3A and 4 were filed that disclose the Beneficial Owners Sale.

Another coincidence, the Signature & Filing Dates:

September 11, 2017: 9/11



According to Anon source on 4Chan.  The original date for Las Vegas incident was scheduled for:

September 11, 2017: 9/11


Again, this could be pure coincidence….I have checked with high level traders and they believe this to be pure coincidence…….but please draw your own conclusions.  Any additional information is greatly appreciated.


Share Value on 9/7/17 appx $34:





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