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Parts of Donna Brazile’s book released show some chilling remarks in regards to the murder of Seth Conrad Rich. The DNC Data Director of New Voter Registration was gunned down in the back early Sunday Morning at 4:19 AM on July 10th. This has been an Investigation that America First Media Group has carried the Torch on for the better part of a year now.

Matt Drudge took to Twitter with this Tweet on the subject just an hour or so ago..


Mike Cernovich, and others quickly followed suit. As many of you know, The America First Media Group has led the way in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation Nationally. We’ve always stated that Hillary rigged the system against Bernie Sanders, and that Seth Rich found that out. We also believe that Seth knew of the Russian Conspiracy Cover Up. Seth Rich knew way too much.

As Seymour Hersh stated on an audio recording you can find here.

Seymour Hersh stated he wasn’t killed over the leaking, it was something else. What was that something else? The plan to blame Russia for the Clinton DNC takeover? Perhaps, Perhaps. Stay tuned to America First Media for the latest in the Seth Rich murder investigation.


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