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Well America today we saw an attack in a city that has seen to many. This afternoon a 29 year old Sayfullo Saipov of Tampa, Florida killed 8 and injured more. Ladies and Gents this is why the Travel Ban here in America is very important. The police after doing a search found notes saying that he had pledged loyalty to ISIS. This ladies and gents is the wrong answer.

Listen I understand they are not all bad, but here is the thing, when you are worried about the whole PC problem you let things slide. And what I mean by this is, you start getting worried about hurting someones feelings and the wrong ones get in. And trust me America the wrong ones are already in the country. And you have people who are in high ranking positions in this country that would rather bend to their needs and say they are victims. Well if you don’t think ISIS prays on this, you’re wrong because they do. They know people like the Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio won’t do anything to stop them. You have the MSM that only tells you what won’t hurt their feelings. And you have people in this country that even leave to go fight with them only to find out it’s not what they expected it to be.

America I can promise you this having served this great country for 10 years, these people will take full advantage of everything they can, and will act like the victims only to turn on you when the time comes. And the longer we stand back and do the PC thing, the worse it’s going to get. But here is the other problem we have, people are afraid to talk about things they might see. They are afraid they will be called an islamophobic, so instead of saying something to the police or anyone else, they just look the other way and then when something happens those same people come out and say well I noticed this or that. Well guess what, if you would have said something sooner the person or persons could have been stopped. But now they have already done what they set out to do.

So America you have a choice, you can sit back and keep letting these people do what they have been doing. Or you can vote the people in power out that keep protecting them, you can stand up and say something if you see it, you can stop being PC. Because it’s not a bad thing if it’s keeping others alive.


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