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This NPR Series will be a cumulative look at NPR and various affiliations they have and their connections to the Seth Rich Investigation.

National Public Radio (NPR) has for a long time been government funded, and until recently that was never under question. The past few years, the media outlet has only increased and magnified their biased liberal coverage and earlier this year President Trump called for the defunding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which is the parent company who disburses the funds to NPR.

It is no surprise that NPR is a left-leaning media outlet. One of the first glaring affiliations that they have with the Democrats comes from Greenberg Quinlan Rosnar Research (GQRR), who self-describes themselves as “One of the world’s premier opinion research and strategic consulting firms.” While GQRR may be one of the most prominent consulting firms, they certainly do not hide their political bias. On their website under “Our Work” they list the phrases “helping progressive candidates” and “advancing the interests of people and organizations seeking progressive change”, under politics and advocacy respectively.

GQRR has a list of clients on their website, and they have groupings such as Business, with a subsection for “Telecom, Media & Technology.” While you would expect NPR to be categorized under this, GQRR has them listed under an Advocacy client. Which brings us back to the full definition of their Advocacy services…

“We have a proven record of advancing the interests of people and organizations seeking progressive change, like the Nobel Peace Prize winning Campaign to Ban Landmines, and the Human Rights Campaign’s work to mobilize around the referendum for marriage equality.”

By categorizing NPR that way, it validates the knowledge of bias that GQRR has for their client, and reaffirms what the majority of America already knows, that your tax dollars is going to a partisan media outlet.

If that isn’t enough, in 2010 NPR decided to take a $1.8 million grant from the Open Society Foundations, which is was founded by George Soros in 1979, and he still has autonomous control over. The Open Society Foundations over its life has spent nearly $14 billion to liberal groups and projecting almost $1 billion alone this year.

These are glaring entanglements of bias that NPR has. Besides the fact our current president is trying to take their government funding away, they have major connections to liberal affiliated organizations. Affiliating with George Soros is a major red flag and that’s not adding in the GQRR categorization. As GQRR stated, NPR is an advocacy group, not a media outlet. They are pushing a progressive agenda, instead of reporting factual information, and it will be portrayed throughout The NPR Series that there is absolutely no way they are a credible media outlet, let alone in their coverage regarding Seth Rich.


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