2,000 Mules Update: Huge Audiences, Sold Out Theaters, Despite What Mainstream Media is Reporting

The fact that Fox News, Newsmax, and the mainstream conservative outlets are barely covering Dinesh D’Souza’s new 2,000 Mules movie which shows rampant voter fraud, shows just how far the independent media has grown in America.

Dinesh D’Souza’s newest documentary, is disrupting the mantra that was the 2020 election and the narrative that it was the ‘safest and most secure election in American history,’ as you heard over and over again from the puppets in the Mainstream media.

But the question you’re wondering, is how is it doing at the box office?

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can download it here at 2000Mules.com

On Rumble, even though it didn’t premier until noon on Saturday, May 7, it did well enough to be in the top ten for the weekend of May 6 to May 8. An outstanding feat considering as we already touched on the fact Fox News and Newsmax won’t even discuss it.

According to sources in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, where it debuted last week, it was largely sold out, and they had to wait until Saturday for the streaming premiere.

The best these fact checkers can do is that no one is watching the movie, which isn’t the case at all. The only fact is they want you to not see this film, which you should absolutely do!

We learn from this story that systemized election fraud has been going on for a very long time, mostly to affect smaller and/or close races, but also that now, with the expanded use of mail-in ballots, the problem is growing, affecting elections on a larger scale. Just this weekend, Christina Repaci was walking her dog in East Hollywood and came upon something interesting sitting on the sidewalk: an entire box full of ballots.

The following is from MikeHuckabee.com

These 104 unopened mail-in ballots were in a U.S. Postal Service box, just abandoned there on the sidewalk. Sacredness of the vote, indeed.

Ms. Repaci didn’t know what to do about this; it was only thanks to her persistence that an official picked up these ballots from her. Of course, the chain of custody had long since been shot. The registrar’s office said not to worry, they’ve reissued ballots to all the people affected. But what if someone not quite as conscientious as Ms. Repaci had found the ballots and used them for, I don’t know, bird cage liners?

“Early signs indicate that this was an incident of mail theft and not a directed attempt at disrupting the election,” the registrar’s office said in a statement. To that I say, “How do you know?” I also say, So what?” because either way, a box of votes that doesn’t get counted can affect the outcome of a close election. Doesn’t say much for mail-in voting.

And neither does 2,000 MULES. What if that box HAD been part of a scheme to commit fraud? An entire box of mail-in ballots can go missing, and no one will be the wiser. Steam open the official envelopes, stuff them with copied ballots marked with your candidate, hand them over to paid “mules” who don gloves to avoid transferring fingerprints and “sprinkle” them in mailboxes or dropboxes all around the county. In some states, even the late-arriving ballots will still count as long as they’re postmarked on Election Day.

If this tipster is correct, the process has been honed to a fine art. The art of the steal.

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