$11 Million Could Buy You a Former Military Town, Which Includes 27 Homes, a Gas Station, and Cafe (VIDEO)

It’s not often that you see a whole town for sale, but yet here we are America. That’s right, an entire town is for sale at Fort Wingate, New Mexico.

The town was founded in 1867, the area was home to former Generals, Buffalo Soldiers, and Navajo Code Talkers.

The real estate listing, listed last week by Mark. T. Price, boasts an original trading post, a cafe, post office, gas station, recreational vehicle parking with 80 hookups, maintenance shop, storage buildings, convenience store, and 27 residential homes.

Across the street is an abandoned military base, where explosives were stored during World War I and World War II.

“Sitting down with the owners and hearing about the Buffalo soldiers and the Navajo code talkers (that graced this land) is what made me take on this project,” Price told the New York Post. “Being in the center of the Wingate, surrounded by Navajo, Zuni, BLM (Bureau of Land Management), BIE, National Forest and the old fort, which are all within walking distance is what makes this property so unique.”

The property sits on 18 acres of real estate as well.

The old military base Fort Wingate that sits across the street from the town is not part of the sale, it’s abandoned and locked up.

“There were actually two Fort Wingates,” said Rob Martinez, New Mexico state historian.

The original Fort Wingate was near San Rafael, New Mexico.

“What’s significant, in the 1860s is that this is where Kit Carson and the U.S. military are headquartered and they round up Navajo people to March them on ‘The Long Walk,'” Martinez said.

Nine thousand Navajo men, women, and children were forced to walk 300 miles from Fort Wingate to Bosque Redondo, New Mexico and kept there for three years before being returned, this time to a brand new Fort Wingate, where the people were processed.

For years it served as a military base and eventually became an Indian Boarding School.

“It was a terrible experiment, a disaster, really, attempting to assimilate the Navajo people, force them to become culturally American,” Martinez said.

The town has been in the owner’s family since the 1940’s. He grew up there and now maintains most of the town on his own.

The owner said he didn’t want to do an on-air interview, but did give news station KOAT a tour of the cafe.

Fort Wingate is home to 27 homes that are 100% occupied. Many of the people living there have been there for decades.

The owner says he wants to sell to someone who will allow these people to stay. Everything inside the cafe including historical items is part of the sale.

“I would hope that we remember the legacy of Fort Wingate,” Martinez said. “The long walk, Kit Carson and the U.S. military forcing Navajo people into a horrendous situation, and the military purposes Fort Wingate served throughout the decades.”

Is this not wild? What are your thoughts America?

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8 months ago

Wish I could buy this place.
A lot could be done here.
Veteran housing among other things.