At least one admirer was sitting behind President Donald Trump’s Town Hall event last night.   The woman was stationed conveniently in plain view of NBC’s cameras could be seen nodding along with nearly every one of his answers.  

“Absolutely love the black woman in the background of the @realDonaldTrump Town Hall who is nodding along and agreeing with President Trump.  NBC obviously made a mistake by letting her in.  Oops,” said political strategist Seth Weathers in a tweet. 

“This tweet goes out to the woman nodding for Trump.  Retweet this so she sees it.  She deserves a medal,” said conservative comedians the Hodgetwins.  — Hodgetwins (@hodgetwins) October 16, 2020

It was very obvious for anyone watching she was enjoying the town hall.  She was definitely a fan of the President, and besides, we all have emotions and sometimes it is good to let them out.   

The following is from The Hill:

A woman who attended President Trump’s NBC town hall Thursday evening and gained notoriety on social media for nodding her head and giving a thumbs up behind the president, ran for a Congressional seat in 2018 as an independent, pro-Trump candidate. 

According to the Miami Herald, Florida immigration attorney and Trump supporter Mayra Joli was seated behind the president during the town hall. She became associated with the hashtags “#noddingwoman” and “#noddinglady” on Twitter following Thursday’s event.

Trump’s town hall event on NBC was in direct competition with his opponent, Joe Biden, who was hosting a town hall on ABC.  The dueling events came after Trump dropped out of the debate after it was changed to a virtual format in light of his coronavirus diagnosis.

For additional information visit our friends at the Washington Examiner.

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