A federal lawsuit was filed today in Boston against Whole Foods Market for discriminating against its employees by not allowing them to wear face masks with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) on them while on the job.

Store managers cited the company dress code, which prohibits slogans or logos not affiliated with the company, as the reason for prohibiting Black Lives Matter messages.  But employees say the company has allowed other messages on workers’ attire without penalty, including rainbow pins, flags and sports team names and logos.

According to the lawsuit, the supermarket chain disciplined, intimidated and retaliated against the workers who were showing solidarity with the racial justice movement that had a resurgence following the May death of George Floyd.

There are 14 plaintiffs, and more are expected to join, from stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, California, and Washington.  One plaintiff said she was fired from the Cambridge, Massachusetts store and requests an immediate injunction against employee retaliation and termination, as well as compensatory damages and back pay.

Whole Foods in a emailed statement said it could not comment on pending litigation and denied firing the employee for her wearing a Black Lives Matter mask, but for not working assigned shifts.

For additional information visit our friends at ABC News.

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Alea Fox
11 months ago

How about BLM being sued for advertising Marxism? For not being politically correct for discriminating against those who disagree with communism?