President Trump on Thursday morning said that the United States had reached a “very sad milestone” in exceeding 100,000 deaths due to the novel coronavirus, expressing sympathy for those who have lost loved ones.

The president also tweeted as well saying, “We have just reached a very sad milestone with the coronavirus pandemic deaths reaching 100,000.   “To all of the families & friends of those who have passed, I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy & love for everything that these great people stood for & represent. God be with you!”

Trump’s tweet Thursday marked his first reaction to the country reaching the grim milestone, a development that dominated news headlines overnight.

The COVID-19 death toll passed 100,000 Wednesday evening, as Trump was returning to Washington from a trip to Florida, where he had been supposed to celebrate a historic rocket launch, which was postponed due to inclement weather.

He acknowledged earlier this week that the death toll would exceed 100,000, but referenced his handling of the public health crisis has saved hundreds of thousands of lives as his administration has come under scrutiny for its response to the virus and he has been criticized for minimizing it at the outset.

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