​UNBELIEVABLE: Joe Biden For President Flag is Flying High Over a Migrant Camp in Tijuana

Joe Biden has gone on the record insisting that his words over the last year have nothing to do with the surge at America’s southern border, which has turned into a full-blown crisis.

The actions of the migrants tell a different story.  A few weeks ago, many of them were seen wearing professionally made Joe Biden t-shirts.  And now, they are flying a Biden for President flag in a Tijuana migrant camp, where migrants wait to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, where they believe shelter awaits.  

This “Biden for President 2020” flag was seen flying in the tent encampment in Tijuana, Mexico, where hundreds of migrants are gathering until they can be processed and potentially released in the United States.

“This is every bit Biden’s migrant camp.  They are flying the Biden flag.  They are wearing the Biden T-shirts.  There are approximately 500 to 1,000 individuals living there that believe that President Joe Biden wants them here and will help them get across,” Fox News’ Griff Jenkins said Monday during a visit to the encampment.

According to Jenkins, he spoke with some individuals staying at the camp, with one woman saying the migrants received the pro-Biden merchandise from a nongovernmental organization.  Whomever believes that needs to have a brain examination, not unlike Joe Biden.

From reports, this merchandise has been made available to migrants for several months, regardless of the source, as if we don’t know the source.  It is spelled out on the flag and the T-shirts.

“They choose to wear the shirts every time the media shows up because they believe if President Biden sees them wearing the shirt, then he will feel compelled to do more to help them get across,” Jenkins said.

It sure seems they all really like Joe Biden.  Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

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