A U.S. Nuclear powered submarine was damaged ​on Saturday after striking an unidentified object while operating in the South China sea, according to Navy officials on Thursday.

The USS Connecticut, an attack Seawolf-class submarine, was in international waters in the Indo-Pacific region where the U.S. Navy has sought to challenge China’s disputed territorial claims on small islands, reefs and outcrops.

The Connecticut was part of a major multinational show of force in the region led by the United Kingdom’ Carrier Strike Group 21. The ongoing operation saw exercises with ships from the U.S., UK, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands, including three aircraft carriers, training in and around the South China Sea.

A number of sailors were injured in the accident, but none received any life-threatening injuries, according to a statement from United States Naval Institute News (USNI).

The USNI also reported that the Navy said, “The extent of the damage is being examined and the incident investigated. The submarine remains in a safe and stable condition. The sub’s nuclear propulsion plant and spaces were not affected and remain fully operational.”

USNI News added, “The vessel is now headed to the U.S. base at Guam.”

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