Former President Donald Trump, earlier this week, called out the press for going easy on President Joe Biden and predicted that the press would not ask the tough and accusatory questions he faced throughout his four-year term in office.

Trump was referring to his successor’s 64-day streak avoiding a press conference while being interviewed by Harris Faulkner on Monday, a host on Fox News.  Biden is scheduled to hold his first press conference on Thursday as his administration faces criticism from reporters who say the White House is not being transparent about the crisis at the border.

When asked on Biden’s transparency Trump said, “There is none.  I guess you’re supposed to have a press conference on Thursday, but the questions will all be softballs.  I’ve watched the interviews, like George Stephanopoulos, but I watched those couple of interviews, and it was a joke.”

Trump said he used to enjoy holding press conferences and would often clash with reporters, as it gave him an opportunity to speak directly to the American people.  “The press is not a free press in our country, so the way you get the word out is with press conferences.  Now, he (Biden) doesn’t need them because the press protects him totally,” Trump added.

The former president suggested that were he still in office, the press would be crucifying him for the crisis at the border.  More than 15,000 unaccompanied migrant children are now in the custody of the U.S. government, as droves of migrants are attempting to enter the country at the southern border.

Trump criticized Biden for telling reporters earlier this week that he will visit the border at some point but felt he didn’t need to go now.  Trump said, “I went to the border and I went to the border also to learn,” noting that after speaking with Border Patrol officials, adjustments were made to his plans for constructing the wall to suit the needs of agents on the ground.

“I wouldn’t have built the wall we had, I would’ve built a different wall.  I learned from being there.  If I didn’t talk to them, I would’ve had something that would not have worked like this one is working.  You have to go there, this is a major problem,” Trump added. Before the conclusion of the interview, Faulkner asked Trump, “Why are you so critical of Biden and why did you feel you needed to weigh in on this issue?”  

Trump replied, “The reason I weight in is very simple.  They’re destroying our country.  They’re going to destroy it with tax increases the likes of which nobody has ever seen before in order to accomplish the Green New Deal nonsense.”

“They’re destroying it with woke,” Trump continued.  “When China looks at ‘woke’ and they see the biggest problem we have is Dr. Seuss, in the meantime they’re building factories and trying to kill us in so many different ways, they laugh at us, frankly, they think our country is stupid.”

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