The Republican National Convention, with their scaled back event, nominated Donald Trump for re-election on Monday, on the first day of a national convention.  The boisterous approval of the 336 delegates in the hall, who had traveled to the convention from the 50 states and US territories made the nomination official. 

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel took the stage to officially declare Trump and Pence as the Republican nominees for president and vice president.  Trump needed 1276, but received a total of 2,550 delegates, which was all of the delegates available.

The president will formally accept the nomination from the White House on Thursday night.  But in a complete surprise by President Trump in an unscheduled appearance in Charlotte, North Carolina, the president’s said in his own words, we will deliver a “very uplifting and positive” message that will be presented to the country from this convention.

Basking in chants of “Four more years! Four more years!”, Trump accused Democrats of trying to “steal” the election by expanding absentee voting during the coronavirus pandemic. He went so far as to say it was impossible for him to lose a fair contest in November.  Trump said, “if you really want to drive them crazy, you’ll say 12 more years!”

The overall theme of the convention, “Honoring the Great American Story,” will highlight “the promise and greatness of America” and Trump’s “leadership and what he has planned for the future,” a Trump campaign official said.  Each night will also have a sub-theme; on Monday, it is “Land of Promise.”

The Republican convention made for a striking contrast with the almost totally online Democratic event.  While Democrats nominated Biden with a video taking, the Republican nomination proceeded in the traditional manner, delegates rising to say something special about their states and cast votes for Trump.

“No president has done more for Americans in his first four years,” said Michael Whatley, chairman of the North Carolina party. “Promise made, promise kept.”

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