President Donald Trump will visit the battleground states of Arizona and Wisconsin this week.  Trump heads Tuesday to Yuma, Arizona, where he’ll hold a round table discussion on border security and commemorate the construction of the 200th mile of new border wall before addressing a group of young people in Phoenix. 

On Thursday, he’ll travel to Marinette, Wisconsin, where he’s scheduled to tour a shipyard that was recently awarded a $5.5 billion contract to build guided missile frigates for the Navy.

Neither trip is an official campaign event, but both states are expected to be pivotal in this fall’s election.  The events also give Trump an opportunity to try to erase the images of Saturday’s rally in Tulsa, where the crowd was smaller than expected due to Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters causing massive riots and fighting outside the arena. Police and Secret Service then shut down letting anyone inside.

Matt Mackowiak, a Texas-based Republican political strategist, said the events in Arizona and Wisconsin give Trump an opportunity “to drive a message and motivate his base after three months where we have seen some slippage in the polling.”

Most polls show Trump trailing Biden.  But as the last few months have shown, a lot can change between now and Election Day and the widening polling gap between Trump and Biden will likely narrow once the former vice president becomes the focus of the campaign.

“He can call attention to promises kept on his key issues, which will remind voters of the stakes in the election and the choice they have” in November, Mackowiak said.

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