Jim Daly, the president of the influential global ministry “Focus on the Family,” had a simple answer when asked why Christians and evangelicals support President Trump, who sometimes acts in very un-Christian ways.

“We love 80% of his policies and 20% of his tweets,” Daly said, pointing to the president’s record on fighting against abortion and for religious liberty while acknowledging that Trump isn’t perfect.

When having a chat with David Horowitz, author of the recent book, “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.” Daly said, “Horowitz was saying to me that don’t you guys know that you are in alley fight and the other side has switchblades.”

Daly’s response was “We get that, the problem with us is that we have to fight with love, joy, peace, goodness and mercy. And I remember, Horowitz sat back, and said, ‘Wow, those aren’t very good weapons.”

That’s where Trump comes in. “Trump is that alley fighter,” Daly said.  “He’s willing to go in there with the tools to compete with them and I think that’s one of the reasons the Christian community sees a champion in him on the issues we care about because he’s not afraid to talk about it, he goes right to it. Is he a perfect person? No.” But, he said, “I think we’ve grown in the Christian community to recognize policy. Policy is what counts, what gets done.”

In 2016, Christians took a gamble on Trump that paid off with several executive actions against abortion, an expansion of pro-life judges, and a focus on supporting Christian religions overseas.  Daly, who’s daily radio show and social media reach over 7 million, said many were surprised that Trump made good on his promises considering that he doesn’t come off as a religious guy.   Even he has been surprised by some of the moves Trump has made.

Daly, who attended Trump’s GOP nomination acceptance speech at the White House, said he’s worried about a Joe Biden administration. The former vice president’s flip-flop on supporting the so-called Hyde Amendment against public funding for abortion, he said, was a wake-up call to Christians that he can’t be trusted.

“That’s the problem, you don’t do these things by sample groups, you don’t test something when it comes to moral conviction, and that’s what I think he’s missing personally. Those things matter if you believe a human being is a valuable person, somebody that needs to be defended and saved. And when you flip flop on those things like Joe Biden has, certainly our community won’t believe him,” he said.

“We think an additional term would be a lot to move our items much further in a positive direction, life, religious liberty,” he said.

For additional information visit our friends at the Washington Examiner.

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