President Donald Trump’s attorneys filed court documents today confirming that that he plans to continue to fight the subpoena for his financial documents issued by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance.  

The submission was filed jointly in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), and summarizes the legal arguments that both parties plan to make after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the president is not entitled to “absolute immunity” from state criminal investigations and kicked the case back down to the lower court.

Trump’s legal defense team stated its intention to rely on four central arguments as the district court proceedings begin anew.

First, that the subpoena from Vance’s office to Mazars USA, the president’s personal accounting firm, amounts to an “arbitrary fishing expedition” and is “not a properly tailored grand-jury subpoena.”

Second, that the subpoena was “motivated by a desire to harass” president Trump. Third, the attorneys said the president may argue that the subpoena was designed to “manipulate” Trump’s policy decisions or “retaliate” against him for official acts while in office.

The fourth and final argument the president plans to assert is that complying with the subpoena would “impede” his ability to fulfill his constitutional.

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