Thanks to President Trumps executive action to suspend payroll taxes, every working American with an annual income of less than $100,000, including those who earn the minimum wage, will soon see a 6.2% raise in their paycheck from now until the end of the year.

Now, the liberals are complaining, even though eight years ago Barack Obama and Joe Biden enacted a payroll tax cut.  They, along with and Nancy Pelosi praised this policy as the best way to give a “boost” to workers during tough times. Now that Trump is implementing the tax cut, they say that it is “a war on Social Security” and that it is “not (a) real solution.”

This is another example of liberal double standards.  A payroll tax cut is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to stimulate the economy. There are no administrative costs to distribute the money and the dollars go straight to workers and will be spent in the towns and cities in which they work and live.  

Trump also signed other executive actions that are designed to relieve financial stress on middle-class Americans. These include expanded unemployed benefits, restrictions on evictions from homes, and student loan repayment relief.

It will be left up to the courts to decide whether these orders are constitutional, but, ironically, each of these are policies that the Democrats favor. 

President Trump knew,  with all the squabbling between the two parties during this election season, that in the meantime, the payroll tax cut is wisely getting money to workers who need the help right now.

For additional information visit our friends at USA TODAY.

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