Three additional rape charges were filed against the imprisoned media mogul Harvey Weinstein on Friday.  The alleged rapes occurred in Beverly Hills, California.  The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s offices said one of the charges was from a woman that was allegedly raped at a hotel sometime between September 2004 and September 2005.  The second from a woman who said she was raped by Weinstein in November 2009 and again in November 2010.

 District Attorney Lacey wrote in a state released on Friday say, “I am thankful to the first women who reported these crimes and whose courage have given strength to others to come forward.  The willingness of these latest victims to testify against a powerful man gives us the additional evidence we need to build a compelling criminal case.”

Prosecutors are seeking the temporary custody of Weinstein from New York. An extradition hearing is set for Dec. 11 in Buffalo. If convicted as charged in the amended complaint, Weinstein faces up to 140 years to life in state prison.

Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year sentence following his February conviction for sexually assaulting a former production assistant and raping an aspiring actress. He is appealing the verdict.

The case involving the new allegations in Los Angeles remains under investigation by the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills police departments and the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation.

For additional information visit our friends ABC News,

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