I have watched and listened to the arrogance and ignorance of “People” about the removal of the Robert E. Lee Memorial from Richmond, Virginia.  It makes me so sad that we are disgracing a great man and great American.

“Those People” have no clue about who Robert E. Lee was.

They don’t know that when he graduated from West Point, Lee was the only cadet to complete the Academy with no demerits, a record which still stands to this day.

They don’t know that he was a brilliant Engineer and that he changed the course of the Mississippi River to save St. Louis.

They don’t know that he was Superintendent of West Point.

They don’t know that Lee was asked to be in charge of the United States Army between March and April of 1861.

They don’t know that he signed a document on December 29, 1862 that freed the slaves at Arlington, Romancoke and White House plantations. It had force of law unlike the Emancipation Proclamation which freed not one slave.

They don’t know that his army was ethnically diverse.

They don’t know that he told his soldiers to go home and be good citizens after the war.

They don’t know that he saved a small college in Lexington, Virginia when he accepted the position as President.

They don’t know that Lee was admired by people from the North and South.

They don’t know that President Gerald Ford signed the document that gave Lee back his citizenship.

They don’t know that the reason why only the name Lee appears on the memorial was because everyone knew him.

They don’t know that People of Color actually attended the unveiling of the memorial. For decades historians have lied and said that only White people were in attendance.

They don’t know that military schools around the world studied Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.
They don’t know and sadly they don’t care!!

We are destroying America’s history, the greatest country in the world. It is disturbing that what has taken three to four centuries to accomplish, we are merely discarding. Leaving nothing from our history for our children and their children to cherish and understand their ancestry from its beginning, from the infancy of such a great nation.

As George Orwell stated in 1984, “History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

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1 year ago

The belief today is give the protestors whatever they want and they will go away. Problem is the more they get the more they want