If the definition of insanity is to do something over and over and expect different results, the entire Democratic caucus needs to be committed. Time and time again over the last decade, Democrats have tried to pass legislation that would limit the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms, and time and time again they’ve failed.

They’re doing it “for the kids,” of course, and because they’re scared to death of guns. But the insanity of believing that restrictions placed on law-abiding citizens will reduce crimes committed with a gun belies belief. Cities and states with the toughest gun laws have the highest rate of gun deaths and shootings. That singular fact is lost in the debate to “save lives” through regulation.

Congress is taking another stab at gun control, passing a gun registration measure that doesn’t solve anything but allows members to go home and claim they’re “trying to do something about the problem” of gun violence. Do people really believe them anymore?

The first bill, which passed 227-203, is designed to close loopholes to ensure background checks are extended to private and online sales that often go undetected, including at gun shows.  The legislation includes limited exceptions allowing temporary transfers to prevent imminent harm, for use at a target range and for gifts from family, among others.

The second bill, which passed 219-210, would extend the review period for background checks from 3 to 10 days.  Rep. Jim Clyburn, (D-SC) introduced the legislation after a shooter killed nine people at a Charleston, S.C. church in 2015. 

The FBI said afterward that a background check examiner never saw the shooter’s previous arrest report because the wrong arresting agency was listed in state criminal history records, and the gun dealer was legally permitted to complete the transaction after three days.

There was a clerical error that led to an inaccurate background check. Laws already in place would have stopped the sale and kept the killer from going on his shooting spree, without the clerical error.  Would increasing the waiting period to 10 days have saved lives.  Of course not.  If the mentality to kill someone is there, it will happen, whether by gun shot or by some other means.

This is all political move to satisfy the gun-control lobby that wants guns off the street, out of our homes, and destroyed in whatever means needed.  It’s a useless and meaningless law, but a dangerous law, because of what it portends if Democrats increase their majorities in 2022.  That is very unlikely in the opinion of many.  But, if we allow the increase of their majorities, or let them get a filibuster-proof Senate, or even worse, destroy the filibuster, we can expect the most serious assault on our Second Amendment rights in history.

Beware and vote pro Second Amendment every time and all of the time.

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Paul Weber
Paul Weber
8 months ago

This nonsense will finally end in only one of two ways: 1) the US Supreme Court finally rules all gun control laws are un-Constitutional, or 2) a second civil war. I hope for the former, but fear it will be the latter.

Joseph Archer
8 months ago

When SCrOTUS said we WILL NOT hear evidence following a 99.3% ballot dump, we all know it was over. Our only chance is truedemocracynow dot com. Fire our govt, put ourselves in charge. spread it around https://hanblecheya-19106.medium.com/we-dont-need-no-stinking-political-ruling-class-cb45ff13c4f8