Police have confirmed a shooting that took place at an apartment complex in Ft. Smith, Arkansas has resulted in the death of two people.  This shooting took place early Saturday morning when officers responded to a call about shots being fired and when they arrived around 7:23 am they found two bodies..

The body of 87-year-old Lois Hicks was found inside her apartment and had been shot multiple times.  The body of 26-year-old Zachary Arnold was found outside. 

According to neighbors living in the complex Arnold had been trying to persuade people to come outside their apartment buildings.  Witnesses at the scene say Arnold was trying to lure neighbors outside, apparently intent on shooting them. “He was yelling and screaming,  you guys get out here, come out here, everyone get out of this building right now.”

A resident said Lois Hicks and Arnold lived in the same building and Hicks and another neighbor went outside to console Arnold, but when they went outside, they saw the gun and they ran back inside their apartments.  Unfortunately, Hicks didn’t close her door and Arnold followed her inside and started shooting. 

Arnold came back outside and continued to shoot his semi-automatic rifle at neighboring apartments.  Other neighbors said they took cover while Arnold continued to shoot.  

According to residents, if the neighbor hadn’t shot Arnold, it could have gotten much worse.  The neighbor who “put an end to the shooting” apparently grabbed a rifle of his own and fatally shot Arnold.  

Police still have an ongoing investigation in progress and haven’t released many details of the incident and don’t yet know what motivated Arnold to kill his elderly neighbor.  

Don’t expect national media to give this story the same type of wall-to-wall coverage it gives to shooting incidents with higher body counts.  The mainstream media won’t be editorializing about the need for more armed citizens, like they regularly opinionate about the need for more gun control after high profile shooting incidents.

The lack of coverage highlights a serious problem within the new media.  When evil individuals successfully carry out their murderous plans, the press is eager to spread the news for and wide.  When a good guy with a gun puts a stop to an attack, the story is relegated to a brief mention on the local news.

While the media may not be eager to report on defensive gun uses that save numerous lives, you can be sure that the armed citizen is a hero to those in the apartment complex who could have been the killer’s next target.

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Pete Garrison
Pete Garrison
8 months ago

So a Good Guy with a gun, stopped the bad guy with a gun…. Huhhh, what do ya know…