Former Republican Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy was on “Outnumbered” on Friday and joined as a cohost with Emily Compagno, Kayleigh McEnany, Harris Faulkner and Abby Hornacek.  ​

In their discussions, Duffy predicted that President Joe Biden’s sweeping Build Back Better agenda would pass, and that it would ultimately hurt the Democratic party. He argued, “that the infrastructure bill and the accompany spending package were likely to pass but it could backfire on the Democrats going into 2022’s midterm elections.​

McEnany began by saying, “Congressman Duffy, you’ve been on the Hill, you know what a messy day it was on Thursday for the Biden administration. I think it was the second-worst day of his presidency, the first being the fall of Afghanistan, the second being the fall of his domestic agenda which could still get through, but it was very messy.”

McEnany added, “Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not appear to be in sync with regard to when and how the infrastructure bill and the reconciliation package should be brought for a vote. I think we have learned about the president, he’s not a closer.”

Duffy replied, “Politics is messy. Negotiation is messy and I don’t like this but I do think Democrats are gonna get this deal done. They are going to get infrastructure done, they’re gonna get the socialist Build Back Better $4 trillion bill done.”

Duffy also noted that when Biden got his COVID relief package passed earlier in the year he was polling pretty well, but not so well now, and the current packages are not generating as much support.

Duffy continued, “Americans don’t like big spending bills, especially when they don’t know what’s in it and the more time they have, the more they don’t like it. Passing the bill without public approval could cost the Democrats in 2022. So right now, you might only have 15 House Republicans that could lose their seats. If they pass this, you’re going to see 40, 50 Democrats that could lose their seats. Catastrophic for the party. Passing the bills is catastrophic for America.”

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