Defunding the police has been a very publicized subject in the last year in our country.  But the trend is reversing itself as most of the largest cities in America are now increasing their police budgets.

For the third largest police department in the United States, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) is proposing to increase the budget for the city.  Amid skyrocketing violent crime and increased vacancies within the department, Garcetti is proposing a 3% increase to the LAPD from $1.71 billion to $1.76 billion.  That amounts to an increase of nearly $50 million. 

The mayor’s plan, which covers fiscal year starting July 1, would continue to provide a force of about 9,750 sworn police officers.  The number of officers at the department now is lower, however, because of retirements and resignations.  The LAPD is expected to have 9,489 officers on June 30.

A Garcetti aide said at a briefing last week that the decision to keep the LAPD budget mostly the same was in part a response to rising crime, but later, Garcetti said the city needs to continue to keep hiring officers to keep up with retirements.

Although the budget is slimmer than the one proposed last year, which had about $150 million shaved off, due to defunding being demanded from the outrage of George Floyd’s death.  Such defund demands have mostly smoldered into nothingness as officials nationwide face increased crime and officer shortage.

Los Angeles is not the only city looking to increase their police budgets despite previous promises to “reimagine policing.”  Los Angeles County has also voted to give an additional $36 million to police, which will be split among multiple law enforcement agencies in L.A. County.

Minneapolis plans to spend more on policing this year, while Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) also recently requested additional funding for police as the so-called City of Roses is plagued by raging gun violence.

The nation’s second largest department is Chicago and Mayor Lori Lightfoot said, “I’ve been very clear that I do not support defunding the police.  Our police officers are not our enemies.”  That is very positive against any budget cuts there, even when the city is facing a $1.2 billion budget hole.

Mayor Mike Duggan in Detroit said, “The loudest voices calling to defund Detroit police wouldn’t have to deal with the fallout because they don’t live in the city.”   

Despite all the hype from Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, and other anti-police groups, Defunding the Police is not happening.  Thank God most Americans still want our police and will still stand up for them when push comes to shove.

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1 year ago

It’s too late, to much damage has happened to our PO. they have been demorally crushed without any backup and support from their CO and other higher ups. The public has been allowed to verbally and physically harm them without any repercussions. An officer can be attacked and the law allows it but the officer were to show any kind of force he/she is vilified or fired. More and more are turning in their retirement papers, defunding means nothing anymore.