House Democrats said Monday that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has agreed to their demands that he testify next week about controversial changes he’s making to the United States Postal Service.  

House Oversight and Reform Chairman Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., said in a statement Monday she was “pleased” that DeJoy has agreed to testify about “the sweeping operational and organizational changes he has been making to the Postal Service.”

But what Maloney didn’t say was that Dejoy agreed to testify after Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN), threatened to have him arrested.  Cooper on Saturday joined dozens of voices on Capitol Hill, including Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,  who demanded the head of the United States Postal Service respond to recent claims the USPS is meddling in the upcoming election process.

Isn’t it odd that Democrat Carolyn Malone has been in the House representing New York since 1993 (14th District from 1992-2013 and 12th District sine 2013), Democrat Jim Cooper representing Tennessee since 1983 (4th District 1983-1995 and 5th District from 2003 to present), and last but not least Democrat Nancy Pelosi representing California since 1987 (1987-1993 5th District, 1993-2013 8th District, 2013 to present 12th District), and she has been Speaker of the House two different times, 2007-2011 and again since 2019 to present?   

Doesn’t it make you wonder that since the United States Postal Service has been losing billions of dollars every year,  Malone with 27 years, Cooper with 37 years, and Pelosi with 33 years, would just now decide to see what’s going on.  This is inexcusable from our U.S. Legislatures to just now decide to look into it.

 And don’t forget Chuck Schumer (D-NY), he’s only been there since 1981.  He is the one that said Sunday, “If Mr. DeJoy refuses to appear he should be stamped return to sender.”  “He should not be allowed to be the postmaster general if after all this destruction he can’t answer to the American people what he is doing,” Schumer added.  

Why, Mr. Schumer has it taken you 39 years to notice a problem with the USPS.  Is it because President Trump appointed Mr. Dejoy in May this year, someone who might possibly do something to make the USPS profitable?

Folks, we all know this is all about the election.  None of these democrats care about the USPS or the American citizens, their only concern is that Mr. Dejoy might be able to put a stop their corrupt mail-in voter activity.

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