Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign​ leading up to the 2020 election ran off the rails even before the first primary results were in.  But after that disaster, Joe Biden picked her as his running mate, they took office, and since then, her greatest accomplishment has been the remodeling of the vice president’s office.

She was assigned to address the crisis that Biden created at our nation’s southern border, but she has ignored any action in addressing the crisis. This is according to the White House, not to mention millions of Americans.

Kamala has been accused of running her office on cruelty to staff members. She has been the butt of jokes for noting that when one plugs in an electric car to recharge, there’s no “sound or fume and she asks this question, “So how do I know it’s working?” But she has sung “Wheels on the Bus” for reporters.

Now we have an explanation from the vice president herself for why things haven’t tracked well for her. “It’s because she’s not White and not a Man,” she said.

Fox News reports she was “expressing discontent with the news coverage surrounding and her performance as the nation’s second-highest office holder, citing her race and gender.”

“According to a piece by The New York Times, Harris has been privately complaining to her allies that the media’s coverage of her would be better if she were any of her 48 white male predecessors, and has reportedly confided in them about the difficulties she’s facing with her assigned portfolio from the White,” Fox reported.

It said the Times focused on “Harris’ struggle to ‘define herself within the Biden ​White House, noted that she held no ‘headlining role’ when it came to some of the administration’s most difficult decisions and that she was caught betweencriticism that she wasn’t performing the job well and resentment from supporters that she was being ‘undercut’ by the West Wing.”

The Times explains, “Ms. Harris has privately told her allies that the news coverage of her would be different if she were any of her 48 predecessors, all of whom were white and male.”

She has, in fact, been unsuccessful on the two major issues that Biden assigned her: the southern border, which the report describes as the “root causes” of migration, and a Democrat plan to have the federal government take over all elections nationwide.​

The facts are that the White House recently used a stunning camera move to exclude Harris from being on screen during a news conference, and there have been numerous “sourced” reports that Biden was even considering appointing her to a judicial post to open the VP’s office to someone else.​

On her own, she’s blamed President Donald Trump for the crisis Biden created at the southern border, and now blames sexism and racism on her lack of success.​

In the Wall Street Journal, however, columnist Gerard Baker had another assessment: “A heartbreak and a spine-chilling cackle away from the presidency, is another living rebuke to the idea that government is virtuous and wise.
Vice President Kamala Harris has demonstrated, evidently to the alarm of much of her own staff, that she is simply another of Mr. Biden’s many mistakes, perhaps the biggest one yet. It is a dismaying state of affairs that we must all pray nightly for the continued health of an inept president to avert the calamity of a worse one.”​

And the Western Journal documented that Harris, who has “made a name for herself​ as not only the first black, female, and black female vice president, but also the least popular vice president in history,” got heated during an interview.

She was asked “who the real president was, Joe Biden or West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin,” the report said.

“For Democrats, watching Biden’s agenda stalled, the question is embarrassing. And the vice president’s reaction was even more so. Harris visibly flushed, and one got the impression she was resisting the urge to take her earrings and rings off and lunge at the screen.

“C’mon, Charlamagne,’ she said. ‘It’s Joe Biden.’ When the host began to press her further, she started gesturing wildly, saying ‘No, no, no, no, it’s Joe Biden. It’s Joe Biden.'”

She started bouncing up and down, “And it’s Joe Biden, It’s Joe Biden and I’m vice president and my name is Kamala Harris,” she said.

Our appreciation to WND for content in this article.

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Jack Black
Jack Black
7 months ago

The problem is never with the Democrat who is talking it is always someone else’s fault according to them. Loser!!