During the final presidential debate on Thursday, NBC’s debate moderator Kristen Welker pressed former Vice President Biden over the Obama administration’s immigration policy, saying, the “administration did fail to deliver immigration reform, why should voters trust you with an immigration overhaul now?

The former vice present answered, “Because we made a mistake.  It took too long to get it right.  Too long to get it right,”  “I’ll be president of the United States, not vice president of the United States.”

It didn’t take President Donald Trump long to take advantage of Biden’s answer with a tweet today that said, “Joe Biden was very disrespectful to President Obama at last night’s debate when he said that he, Joe, “was Vice President, not President,” when trying to make excuses for their failed immigration policies. I wonder what “O” was thinking when he heard that one? – Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 23, 2020.

The president was very critical on Thursday of the immigration policy enacted while Biden served in office, calling “catch-and-release” a disaster and claiming that most immigrants did not return for mandatory court dates.

Trump’s tongue-in-cheek remark against the former vice president comes as Obama joined the Biden campaign this week for his first in-person campaign event of the 2020 cycle, less than two weeks before Election Day.  It will be interesting to see if Obama continues his live campaign events on Biden’s behalf after this comment.

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