Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed legislation that would rename a stretch of highway after former President Donald J. Trump.  The Republican governor signed an omnibus bridge and highway naming bill Friday for a 20-mile stretch of road spanning from Boise City to the Oklahoma-Texas border as the President Donald J. Trump Highway.

The bill initially hit a roadblock when Democratic legislators pointed out that state law requires, in most cases, a person to be dead for at least three years before a road or bridge can be named in their honor, according to the Oklahoman. Did the Democrats really believe they could prevent this in Oklahoma, where Trump won every county in the last election.

Republicans repealed the three-year waiting period, allowing the highway to be named after Trump.  The lawmakers who supported the bill plan to pay for the new signage that will be posted along the highway themselves.  Conservative lawmakers made a similar attempt in 2019, but the plan stalled over concern about naming a highway after a president that was still in office.

Oklahoma isn’t alone in renaming infrastructure for the 45th president.  Republicans in the Ohio House introduced legislation in April to rename Mosquito Lake State Park to Donald J. Trump State Park.

The New York State Legislature, however, is taking a different path.  Democrats have launched an effort to strip Donald J. Trump State Park of its name. Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, a Democratic sponsor of the bill said, “Our parklands should be reflective of New Yorkers that we can be proud of, New Yorkers that have expressed our values.  There are a lot of other New Yorkers who are worthy of the honor of having a park named after themselves.”

This question should be asked of Assemblywoman Rozic, how did the state of New York acquire the property that has the name Donald J. Trump State Park?  How could anyone in New York even suggest this?  The Donald J. Trump State Park is a 436-acres state park in the towns of Yorktown and Putnam Valley in Westchester County and Putnam County, New York.  This park consists of property that was donated to the State of New York in 2006 by developer Donald J. Trump.

Maybe the New York state legislature members need a history lesson on their own state and its parks.  Or maybe some of these other so-called deserving and/or worthy people should donate their own property to be named after them.

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