Legendary football great O.J. Simpson, was given an early discharge​ of his parole on December 6, that was originally set to be discharged on February 9, 2022. The Nevada State Police’s Division of Parole and Probation sent an early discharge request to the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners.

According to the Nevada State Police, on November 30, the Nevada Board of Commissioners conducted an early discharge hearing, and the board approved the request to be effective on December 6. 

Simpson, who is 74, has been on parole since October 2017. He was originally sentenced in 2008 to 9 – 33 years in prison for various charges, including armed robbery, kidnapping and 10 other charges against a memorabilia dealer that occurred in a hotel room in Las Vegas in 2007. He was eligible for parole after the nine years minimum was served. 

Simpson was also charged in the 1994 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman,  but was acquitted of those charges in 1995 by a Los Angeles jury. Two years later, he was found civilly liable for the double homicide.

Simpson was a Heisman Trophy winner at USC in 1968 and went on to play for 11 years in the NFL, including playing in three Super Bowls, winning one. The majority of his NFL playing time was with the Buffalo Bills.

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