Pro-Trump cable news networks, Newsmax TV and One American News Network, went out of their way to refuse to call the 2020 presidential election against President Donald J. Trump today.   Multiple mainstream media outlets were making a projection of defeat for President Trump.  Meanwhile, over 70 million Trump voters agree with President Trump on the voter fraud argument.  

After airing the Trump campaign’s Saturday morning press conference in Philadelphia which featured Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who was talking about widespread voter fraud, Newsmax TV anchor Tom Basile informed viewers that multiple networks had called the election for the Democratic nominee.

At the same time, he explained why his network would not follow suit.  After White House correspondent Emerald Robinson read President Trump’s statement in which he refused to accept defeat, Basile said he wanted to be “very, very clear with our viewers about the realities of this situation” before adding what the network’s position was.

“While most of the other networks have called the race, given the closeness of the race in a number of key states, we will wait for final votes to be tallied and we will also wait for the disposition of a number of these legal challenges before we change our position,” the anchor said, referencing the Trump campaign’s long-shot legal and recount efforts.

 “We talk a lot about media collusion with the Democratic Party,” Basile said. “Here we have the president just leaving the White House—we believe to go to his golf course to play a round of golf, and he deserves to be able to do that.”He continued: “We have the press conference that Rudy Giuliani was going to hold in Philadelphia happening and at the very same time, all of a sudden, all of the networks—with the exception of Newsmax—decide that this is the time they’re going to call the election.”

One America News (OANN) focused on the Giuliani’s interview while ignoring what the other networks were announcing. 

Newsmax and One America News have been competing with Fox News for months in being pro-Trump TV news outlets.  Many conservative and right-wing supporters have said that Fox isn’t pro-Trump enough anymore, and many of them have switched to Newsmax or OANN.

“Fox is sort of like a suicide of a network,” Newsmax’s owner Christopher Ruddy told The Daily Beast.  “A Fox News viewer looks at the continuous negative coverage about the president, the concern about the supposed ‘suckers and losers’ comment, the abominable way Chris Wallace handled that debate, and all of the Fox News polls, which were on the high end of being wrong against Trump. When you add it all up, it paints a really bad picture.”

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