Democrats are officially the party of illegal immigration. Most of them will deny being in favor of illegal immigration, but Democrats in Congress put the final nail in the coffin of plausible deniability on that very front.

Despite knowing full well that the idea would go nowhere in the Senate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted that the next round of coronavirus relief include a $1,200 check for every illegal alien in the country. Nearly all House Democrats voted in favor of awarding taxpayer funds to those residing in the United States in such open defiance of federal law.

It is rare that the partisan divide on immigration is set in such stark relief, but when it does happen, it exposes the undeniable fact that one of the two major political parties in the country has, as a principle, the goal of placing the interests of illegal aliens ahead of American citizens. Let us quickly run through the core beliefs of Democrats on immigration.

When people are caught illegally entering the United States, at least with minors among them, Democrats say they should not be detained to await deportation but rather be sent into American communities to join a list of more than a million others just like them to await a hearing that could be delayed for months or years. Even if a judge rules that they have no right to stay here, Democrats believe that foreigners must never be deported unless they have committed another crime in addition to breaking such immigration laws and have committed fraud to gain employment.

Democrats want to allow them to become American citizens and vote in our elections, not in spite of but because of their own decision to break our laws. Democrats want the government to give illegal aliens welfare, schools, health care, and public services, all paid for by taxpayers. Now they want to hand each of them $1,200 in this pandemic as yet another reward for their transgressions. If the government hands out checks to American citizens to make ends meet, they think it will be “racist” and “xenophobic” to overlook illegal immigrants who broke the law.

Those are the mainstream beliefs of Democrats, including its presumptive nominee for president and the leadership in Congress. There is the fringe that wants to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement and hope to ride the coattails of Joe Biden into relevance in the election this fall. They would go much further if they ever had to power to “decriminalize” illegal immigration altogether, but that definitely remains out of reach.​

It is easier to acknowledge that Democrats unequivocally support illegal immigration and open borders than it is to do the mental gymnastics to construct the fantasy that Democrats actually believe in a lawful limited immigration system. For millions of American citizens, the hysteria that Democratic politicians, liberal activists, and leftist journalists showed to my father and his supporters over basic common-sense border security measures has made that perfectly clear over the past five years.

For everyone else, Pelosi has erased all remaining doubt by holding up much needed aid for American citizens with her poison pill demand to send checks paid by taxpayers to illegal immigrants. Support for open borders is not a byproduct of Democratic principles or policies. It is a principle, and it is a policy. The party has now made this official.

Our appreciation to THEHILL.com and Donald Trump Jr., who is an executive at Trump Organization and author of the book “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us,” and author of this article.

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