In all of American history, only one person—Marcus A. Hanna (1842-1921)—has ever received both the Congressional Medal of Honor and its civilian counterpart, the gold Lifesaving Medal.

The first medal he received for his heroic actions during the Civil War in July of 1863 and the second as a result of his activities as, of all things, a lighthouse keeper in January 1885. 

In both instances of his heroism he easily could have lost his life.

The Congressional Medal of Honor is America’s highest and most prestigious personal military decoration, awarded in recognition of U.S. military service members who have distinguished themselves by acts of valor.

The gold Lifesaving Medal, today issued by the United States Coast Guard, is one of our nation’s oldest medals. Marcus A. Hanna was worthy of both.

In a world of thoughtlessness and carelessness, this is what a true hero looks like America. We at The DC Patriot salute you Sargent Hanna!

Thanks to our friends at NRA Family for their contribution of this article.

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