One America News Network’s (0ANN) top anchor, Liz Wheeler announced to the Washington Examiner on Friday she will be leaving the network.  

“Launching and growing Tipping Point has been the opportunity of a lifetime,” Wheeler said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.

“I am so thankful for my time at One America News and, most importantly, I am so thankful for all of the incredible people across the country who grew with me, learned with me, and trusted me to bring them the news each and every night.”  Wheeler added, “she hopes to be even more accessible to viewers in the near future.”

“My departure from OANN means I have a new job, but it doesn’t mean I’m changing who I am,” she said. “I’m still on a mission to search out the truth and report it for the American people every day.

In a world where the mainstream media is more and more disingenuous every day, honest reporting is needed more now than ever. I’m excited to share more about my new job with all of you as soon as possible!”

For additional visit our friends at the Washington Examiner.

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Nardooncis Butterf.. (@nardooncis_b)

My goodness, who is going to be surprised when she announces her new job is in porn, or at a strip club? Lol. Is this a joke? Look at that parkinglot photo being used w/ the network’s logo for promotional purposes!! This has to be a joke.