In one of the latest po​lls taken by McLaughlin & Associates asking questions about what Americans think about Democratic leaders who are in charge of the country right now, the top four Democratic leaders all fail miserably.

According to the poll, voters have unfavorable views of President Biden, Vice-President Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate leader Chuck Schumer.

Paul Bedard wrote about and commented on the results in his Washing Secrets column. The opinion of Biden is 51% unfavorable, including 39% very unfavorable, to only 48% favorable. For Harris, it was 50% unfavorable, with a stunning 42% very unfavorable to 46% favorable.

Pelosi was underwater 56%-39%, including 46% very unfavorable and Schumer was underwater 49% to 32%, with 35% very unfavorable. 

Bedard cited additional details from the survey, “President Joe Biden’s verbal stumbles and his team’s moves to cut off TV feeds while he’s talking have voters already thinking Vice-President Kamala Harris will replace him as president before the 2024 presidential election. New polling from McLaughlin & Associates shows that 58% of likely voters believe Biden will be sidelined or worse and Harris installed in the Oval Office before the election. Just 32% see that as unlikely.” Bedard added, “Surprisingly, 52% of Democratic likely voters agree, as do majorities of Hispanics, blacks, men, and women.”

Pollster John McLaughlin explained, “Because the more they see of President Biden, the weaker and more feeble-minded he looks. Even when they try to hide him, they are cutting off his mic, shutting off his video feeds, and he has a really light schedule where he can only read from a teleprompter and can’t take questions. Right now, Kamala Harris’s negatives are insurance against the 25th Amendment. Sooner or later, the Democrats will invoke it.”

McLaughlin also said, “Voters clearly don’t approve of Harris as president, either, largely because she has notched no victories and has done nothing positive and been damaged by all the stories of staff infighting, but it’s unclear whether Biden’s surging unpopularity has hurt her yet.

On the GOP side meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has not lost any support and remains the favorite of Republicans to run again for president, ‘by a mile,’ according to the survey. At this point, 71% of Republican primary voters want Trump to run again. and 86% would vote for him, the number highest this year.

He’s been teasing a decision to run again for months, and so far, there appears to be no one with a strong enough following to seriously challenge him. That is one reason the Democrats have tried repeatedly, with two failed impeachment attempts, and multiple investigations, to find some rule or regulation that would somehow keep him off the ballot.

The poll said if Trump and Harris were running against one another, Trump would win 49% to 47%. If Trump faced Biden, Trump would win 50% to 47%.

When voters were asked about Trump’s aggressive, confrontational style, they answered with 52% saying “He wasn’t so bad compared with how weak Biden was in dealing with the Taliban.”

And 56% agreed saying, “When I see how weak Biden is, I’m coming to appreciate Trump more and I’m thinking we need a bit more of Trump’s toughness right now.”

And the polling on the Afghanistan catastrophe wasn’t any better with 58% disagreeing with Biden’s claim the withdrawal was a success, and the same number agreed that Biden “surrendered Afghanistan to the same Taliban group who helped the terrorist that attacked America on 9-11.” 

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Jamie Horn
Jamie Horn
8 months ago

And it’s going to continue! They are full of treason! I pray God will reveal all of the corrupt deeds

David E Gignac
David E Gignac
8 months ago

Without strong conservative reporting from DC Patriot et al exposing the perfidy of these scoundrels they would go on as usual eating at the French Laundry and, like high school kids, disparaging anyone not in their clique.

Thanking all of you for being the warriors.

Noah Lehr
Noah Lehr
8 months ago

If migrants tended to vote Republican, the border would be sealed up tighter than a left winger’s mind.

8 months ago

“Professional “politicians need to go away.

J Stergios
J Stergios
7 months ago