Have you noticed, and how could you not, the behavior of the these far left and/or Democrats?  These people behave like they are insane or deranged.  It seems all the far left want to do is influence every other culture that has managed to get into this country.  It doesn’t matter what language they speak, whether they are criminals or have a criminal record from their home nation, are diseased or suffering from an illness, and we know unvaccinated.  We (American citizens) should just let them enter freely into America, immediately go on welfare and be given free healthcare.

What about our elderly American citizens that live here, have worked all their life and paid into their so-called entitlements, (Social Security, Medicare and/or Medicaid) which are being used to take care of the border jumpers.  These benefits should be taking care of our elderly and raise their benefit scale for many who are in poverty trying to live on Social Security.  Instead, our elders are seeing their benefits taking care of people that have never paid a dime into the system, while they receive a meager 1.3% increase for 2021, which might cover the increase in their Medicare premium.

In the meantime, Biden and leftist agenda is passing Executive Orders, one after the other, like allowing males to compete in female athletics, just because they feel like they are in a woman’s body.  Come on Man!  Some of these idiots actually believe, as well as their leftist parents, that young children should be able to choose and decide which gender they think they are and actually allow them to receive an operation to make the change to whatever sex.  There seems to be numerous options now.  I have news for them, there are only two, and God made that choice when he formed them in the womb.

And what about their leftist dreams/ideas of seeing racism in people of color being mentioned too infrequently in Dr. Seuss’s books, as well as troubling signs of orientalism and anti-blackness and too much whiteness, throughout his writings.  It seems that since the 1930’s, parents have been reading these books to their children not knowing and unaware they were teaching a racist culture to their children.  What nonsense and stupidly of these leftist idiots.

Remember this, anyone who has a predisposition to finding racism everywhere they look will find racism everywhere they look, because they are, themselves, racists.

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