The gun-grabbers of the world love to pretend that their anti-gun agenda is all about saving human life–but we Second Amendment stalwarts have known for a long time that’s not true. Terrible though the COVID-19 pandemic (and the .gov response to it) has been, one silver lining is that the crisis has exposed the hypocrisy of anti-gunners beyond a shadow of a doubt. They don’t care about saving people; they only care about disarming them at any price, and we can prove it. During the Great Coronavirus Pandemic, the firearms and outdoor companies are doing everything in their power to support their customers and communities, often at great expense to themselves. Meanwhile, all the Bradys, Everytowns, and Moms Demanding Hot Action are doing everything in their power to shut those companies down.

Let’s start with ​Remington. Right now, the gun grabbers are busy trying to sue them out of existence. Revoltingly, this lawsuit is being allowed to go on despite the fact that it’s no more valid than suing Ford because some idiot couldn’t get their foot off the gas and onto the brake and mowed down a bunch of people in a farmer’s market.

What’s Remington doing? Offering their manufacturing space to produce ventilators, surgical masks, hospital beds or any other products to aid the efforts to combat the coronavirus. 

Or let’s go with another industry giant, ​FederalAmmunition, one of the largest manufacturers of ammunition out there. COVID-19 sure hasn’t stopped the anti-gunners from trying to ban, ban, ban that ammunition…heck, they’ll set up a teleconference to do it more efficiently!

Meanwhile, what’s Federal doing these days? (In addition to making ammunition quickly as possible to address all of those shortages, we mean.) Well, they’re donating cases of N95 masks to their local first responders. 

How about foreign companies? Well, per NRA-ILA, Beretta (one of the world’s oldest companies at nearly five centuries in business) is retooling its manufacturing facilities to make two-way valves for oxygen dispensers in hospitals.

Those are just three examples; every morning, more news about companies in the firearms industry reaching out to help their communities appears in my inbox. In order to keep this article short, I only chose three very famous companies that most Americans will recognize even if they’re not “into guns.” There were dozens of other examples.

Now here’s a thing that you probably guessed: Additionally, every morning, I also get the news releases from the anti-gun organizations, like Everytown, Giffords, and their mouthpiece at The Trace.  I’m not giving them any linky-love in this article, because screw ’em. Here’s a few screenshots so you don’t have to inadvertently boost their Google numbers:

All that Bloomberg money and this is what they do.

As Hillary Clinton used to say, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

People are dying, jails are releasing prisoners, and this is what Everytown is worried about today.

​The rest of us are trying to support ourselves and our families, slow the spread of the virus when possible, and help our communities. Meanwhile, all the Bloomberg-funded gun-grabbers are doing nothing but sucking harder than a collapsing star. We see you, anti-gunners, and we’re not going to forget about this in November, or any other time soon.

Originally appeared by our friends in Freedoms Lodge and written by Mo Rockwell and we appreciate their contribution.

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