One of the most infuriatingly hilarious facts about anti-gunners is that, regardless of what the crisis is, you can count on them to use that crisis to infringe upon the Second Amendment. It’s like clockwork; from the New Orleans police department’s unconstitutional firearms confiscations during the Katrina crisis in 2005 to the COVID-19 pandemic, someone is waiting for us to look away for a moment so they can grab our guns. The latest example comes to us from a rather surprising city–Jackson, Mississippi, where mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba recently announced that he wa banning the open carry of firearms.

By blaming law-abiding citizens’ right to carry firearms openly in the Magnolia State for Jackson’s violent crime rate, a problem which existed long before the advent of COVID-19, and claiming broad civil emergency powers to restrict that right, he joins a long list of anti-gun politicians who have shamelessly used this pandemic to further a gun control agenda.  Mayor Lumumba even used this opportunity to call on the Legislature to repeal Mississippi’s open carry law!

Although the fact that this took place in generally-gun-friendly Mississippi may be surprising, the fact that it happened isn’t.  Clearly, the anti-gunners only needed a few days to realize the same thing, and clearly, the idea of visibly armed law-abiding citizens terrifies them to the point of incontinence.

Speaking of incontinence, Lumumba’s pronouncement went over like a fart in church. Within one business day, Mississippi’s Attorney General Lynn Fitch had issued a stinging rebuke of Lumumba’s crepitation:

“Mississippians enjoy the right to lawfully open carry in all of Mississippi’s 82 counties and in every municipality within the State.  The City of Jackson is no exception.  The City lacks statutory authority to suspend a state statute or constitutional provision.  Accordingly, I ask that you rescind the Order immediately.  I take seriously my obligation to protect Mississippians’ constitutional rights, and I will take every action available to my office to ensure these rights are not infringed upon.”

Two days after that, the Mississippi Justice Institute filed a lawsuit against the order. What’s interesting is that Lumumba’s air-biscuit was set to expire today, April 30, so this situation is still ongoing. If you ever needed proof that the gun banners are at their most active when they’re hoping America’s law-abiding citizens are busy dealing with a crisis, here it is. We’ll keep you posted as this situation develops!

Thank you to our friends Freedoms Lodge and Mo Rockwell for this article.  

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