G. Gordon Liddy, the former FBI official who helped orchestrate the 1972 break-in at the Watergate complex under orders from President Richard Nixon, and a radio talk show host after emerging from prison, has died at the age of 90.

Liddy was also an Army veteran, was convicted of conspiracy, burglary, and illegal wiretapping for his role in the Watergate burglary.  His actions led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon and resulted in him spending four years and four months in prison, including more than 100 days in solitary confinement.  “I’d do it again for my president,” he said years later.

Liddy was born in Brooklyn on November 30, 1930, and was named after George Gordon Battle, a New York lawyer who became a Tammy Hall leader.  His father, Sylvester, was also a lawyer. 

Liddy was also a lawyer, as he graduated from Fordham University before serving two years as an Army artillery officer in the Korean War.  After being honorably discharged, Liddy returned to New York City and attended Fordham Law School. 

He died on Tuesday at his daughter’s home in Fairfax County, Virginia and confirmed by his son Thomas P. Liddy, who did not reveal a cause other than to say it was not related to COVID-19, according to the Washington Post.
In the later part of his life, Liddy wrote an autobiography about his life and work for Nixon, spent two decades as a talk show radio host, and made appearances in movies and popular TV shows.

Liddy learned to market his reputation as a fearless, if sometimes overzealous, advocate of conservative causes.  His syndicated radio talk show, broadcast from Virginia-based WJFK, was long one of the most popular in the country.  He wrote best-selling books, acted in TV shows like “Miami Vice,” was a frequent guest lecturer on college campuses, started a private-eye franchise and worked as a security consultant.

Liddy wrote in “Will,” his autobiography, “If an entire nation could be changed, lifted out of weakness to extraordinary strength, so could one person.”  His personal story was intriguing enough that “Will” was the basis of a TV movie in 1982 starring Robert Conrad.

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Daniel New
2 years ago

G.Gordon Liddy was also responsible for first letting America know about the case of Army Specialist Michael New. Mike called from Germany – “Dad, I think I’m going to get court-martialed.” “Why?” “Because I’ve been ordered to wear a UN Blue Beret, and I told them I won’t wear it.” After that call, August, 1995, I sat and wondered what to do next, and over my shoulder came a voice (from the radio): “Stay tuned for G.Gordon Liddy!” I wondered if that was Divine Intervention, so I grabbed my phone and dialed 1-800-GGLIDDY, and got through on the first dial,… Read more »

Myron Crapp
Myron Crapp
2 years ago

How much of a mastermind could he be…..he got caught!